Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

The Importance of Energy Efficient Lighting Products in Public Facilities

When you are responsible for a public facility, whether it is a public meeting place, a place of employment, or even a parking garage, you face many responsibilities. You have the responsibility to keep the facility safe, as well as the responsibility to keep it running efficiently. Energy efficient LED lighting products are one way you can embrace both responsibilities. Here’s a closer look at why public facilities need energy efficient lighting.

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Reduce Energy Expenditures without Compromising Safety

The biggest benefit of energy efficient lighting is the fact that it reduces your energy expenses all without compromising the safety of the facility. You can leave the lights on in all critical areas, while lowering your energy costs at the same time.

Always Ensure Proper Visibility

Some areas, especially public areas like parking garages, require constant visibility to keep users safe. When you invest in energy efficient lighting, you never have to worry about losing that important visibility. Many energy efficient lighting options, especially LED lighting, not only have instant-on capabilities, ensuring bright light the moment you flip the switch, but they also last significantly longer than other lighting choices. The end result is improved visibility at the facility.

Take Advantage of Utility Rebates

Another benefit of upgrading public spaces to energy efficient options is the ability to take advantage of utility rebates. Many local utility companies have incentives that they offer to companies who make the switch to LED or other efficient lighting products. By taking advantage of these, you will not only save on energy costs, but also earn back a little to help you recoup your installation investment.

Reduce Overall Facility Risk

When a public facility suffers an accident, the company in charge is often held liable. This can be a costly problem. When you have adequate lighting utilizing energy efficient lighting sources, the facility stays bright and well lit. This not only reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, assault and accidents, but it also reduces your company’s liability if those events do occur. While you cannot control all behavior within a public facility, you can ensure that those who are using it properly are as safe as possible.

Is your public facility properly lit? If not, consider using energy efficient lighting to improve the situation. With the right lighting in place, you can reduce risk while saving money and ensuring a safe experience for those who utilize your facility.

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