Published On: Thu, Oct 18th, 2018

The Importance of Air-Ride Suspension while Towing

When you call a towing company for help, you expect the driver to keep your vehicle safe and secure while in transit.

Any towing firm worth its salt will equip drivers with quality trucks and equipment, to ensure their customers’ cars remain protected against damage (or further damage) on the road. One key feature that helps to set minds at ease is air-ride suspension.

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But what is this and why is it important to a professional towing service?

What is Air-Ride Suspension?

Air-ride suspension is basically an alternative to common steel or leaf springs. The air bags are linked to an air compressor on-board the vehicle, which feeds air to said bags through various crucial lines.

Valves within the system control which direction air travels. Electronic air-ride suspension systems adjust to help the vehicle cope with varying driving conditions, adding or removing the amount of air fed to the airbags to control the ride height. Drivers can operate the system and adjust the inflation / deflation via a switch in their cab.

Different types of air-ride suspension systems are available. More complex systems are required for larger trucks designed to accommodate heavier loads, but these are a worthwhile investment.

However an air-ride system is fitted, it performs a powerful role in towing: providing a more stable driving experience on a wide range of trucks.

As a result, towing firms investing in air-ride suspension can offer their customers more peace of mind and reassurance that their vehicle will be in safe hands during transportation. When tow trucks carry vehicles at their maximum load-capacity, standard suspension systems are put under considerable strain, possibly affecting the handling. The car or truck being towed may end up less secure than it should be.

Air suspension evens the tow truck out and keeps all four tires flat on the road, keeping its performance just as the driver expects.

The Benefits of Air-ride Suspension

Anyone who has ever had an uneasy towing experience will know how difficult it can be to see your car being pulled along roads in a less-than-secure set-up. Whenever the tow truck hits a pothole or a speed bump, you might find yourself tensing up, wondering what kind of condition your vehicle will be in by the end of the journey.

All this changes with air-ride suspension. These systems empower tow trucks with the stability to seemingly glide along roads, including gravel and highways in real need of re-surfacing. Air-ride suspension greatly reduces the risk of any customer vehicle taking even minor damage during transportation, and allows firms to tow models of different weights without compromising on their safety.

Drivers will have the freedom to introduce more air to their suspension system at the flick of a switch, gaining the ride height they need to tow a customer’s car or truck properly.

A conscientious towing company should always be investing in the latest systems and tools to offer their customers high-quality service. Air-ride suspension is a highly practical, user-friendly addition that can help tow truck drivers transport more vehicles for longer, without risking the performance and capabilities of their own truck.

Author: Colin Steinway

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