Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

‘The Hunt’ fuels the divide between leftists and the deplorables

The controversial film The Hunt finally comes to theaters and the politically charged and divisive film proves to even more intense and uncomfortable than expected.

As a scene of violence previewing the conflict to come, The Hunt begins with a dozen strangers waking up in a clearing, unaware of where they are or how they got there. A crate of weapons is surrounded by booby traps as the attack begins. A group of elites has organized a “hunt” murder these “ordinary Americans.”
One of The Hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin), leads a fight back, turning the tables on these killers, picking them off one at a time, working her way back the mysterious leader, played by Hilary Swank.
Jason Blum produced The Hunt with director Craig Zobel (Z for Zachariah, The Leftovers) for film ripe with violence set against a satire of society and its extreme stereotypes.

The Hunt quickly polarizes the audience with a text thread centering around “the rat-f***er-in-chief”, another talks of “slaughtering a dozen deplorables,” a theme which is the driver for the plot.

The left-wingers may not enjoy watching people who believe in gun control, climate change or open immigration portrayed as violent villains willing to execute people with opposing views. The right-wing will be outraged that characters sharing their belief in gun ownership, nationalism or the refugee crisis are literally being hunted and murdered.

The film mocks extreme wokeness as the leftist characters discuss their social media presence, racially insensitive remarks and love for caviar or a bottle of $250,000 champagne.

Crystal is the center, a person opposed to both extremes, battling for survival at all costs. Zobel is attempting to get us to be a Crystal, opposing these extreme factions with the film’s weak efforts at satire.

Gilpin is the only character given enough interesting screen time for the audience to care about. Swank’s mastermind, aptly named Athena (a clear Greek goddess reference), is given a bizarre motivation for the hunt that leaves you scratching your head and asking “Are you kidding?”

Crystal taking on Athena is supposed to be a metaphor for the battle which should exist politically, but excluding the right-wing perspective, since they were killed, never completes the debate.

Treating Americans are a bunch of the worst stereotypes at the political poles, and making America’s divide as literal and violent as possible, is too overly simplistic to work. Audiences will leave the theater back where the film started, but with a real Hunt to dominate the headlines and fuel more divide or hatred.

It’s rather disturbing for leftists to think they can hire a consultant to ambush and murder political activists like fish in a barrel can be ignored and dismissed as satire.

The Hunt arrives in theaters March 13.

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The Hunt earns 4 stars out of 10 stars

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