Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

The Hill says Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic frontrunner, Clinton can’t win with ‘FBI as running mate’

While Hillary Clinton in still the Democratic frontrunner, since his May announcement, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has developed an incredible movement, evening leading in some polls. The Hill released a new article claiming that Sanders is the “true” frontrunner, explaining why.

The Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll has Sanders clearly ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire as it notes that “polling has also shown Clinton’s vulnerabilities as voters question her honesty and trustworthiness.”

One of the most powerful points is that “Clinton can’t win the Democratic nomination or presidency with the FBI as a running mate.”

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

The Hill gives an overview of the legal status in the email case and says “The FBI now has two months to analyze a private server, and the results could lead to even more revelations about a breach of security protocol. Most importantly, the Clinton campaign can no longer claim that information was classified for political purposes if this information was ‘born classified.'”

They note that “…new information has surfaced indicating that some of Clinton’s emails were classified from the start, not retroactively. A recent Reuters article explains why the Clinton campaign can’t hide behind the notion that Clinton never knew certain emails were classified….”

“In addition, the FBI might also demand the emails and servers of people Clinton corresponded with, if indeed finding information from her server (wiped clean of information as stated by her lawyer) proves difficult and records from computers that corresponded with Clinton’s server are required in the investigation of classified material.”

“Democrats, and the country, can’t enter the voting booth 441 days from now with the FBI investigating emails and private servers. This fact, along with the millions of Sanders voters around the country filling arenas to hear the senator speak, are reasons why Sanders is the true Democratic front-runner.”

For their full article and evaluation, click here


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