Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Why Subscription Boxes Are Set to Be Even Bigger in 2017

It’s hard to imagine that subscription box services will get even bigger in 2017, but that is exactly what is forecast to happen. More companies and brands are seeing the advantages of offering and appearing in these boxes, which helps to increase the amount of services offered and ensures their products are diverse.

A Push for Online Conveniences

We are living in a time where online conveniences often seem to replace normal everyday tasks. The idea of driving to the store and going through shelves of items just to pick a few that interests you is rather unappealing to say the least. Enter in the subscription box service.

These boxes are curated by various companies/brands: many can be customized, boxed up, and sent right to the door of subscribers. Signing up takes mere minutes online and the service can be billed directly to your credit card or debit card. It really doesn’t get more convenient than that. Online offerings also tend to be more vast, giving consumers a chance to get their hands on more.

photo/ Manuel Alejandro Leon via Pixabay

Value for Your Money

For many people, living on a budget is just a fact of life. They are looking for more value for their money than ever before and the subscription box is a great example of value for your money. It’s not unusual for companies to offer a value that is double, triple, or even quadruple what the subscriber spent for service. Depending on the service chosen, subscribers can receive sample size, deluxe-sized, or full-sized items.

A Change to Be Unique and Appeal to Niche Markets

If you happen to be selling a niche product that has a smaller market, it can be hard to get out and advertise and reach people. This is where a subscription service can make even more sense. Take a look at Auster who offers luxury e-liquid subscription boxes. Consumers can try high-quality products, sample new brands, and expand their knowledge all in one.

Predictions for 2017

As we enter into a fresh year many predictions are being made in terms of subscription boxes. One of the biggest predictions is that the boxes will continue to expand into even more categories. We have seen these boxes expand into the categories of clothing and food during 2016, and this has proven to be of interest to consumers. Experts note that 2017 will probably expand to education, nutrition, and even experiences.

Another trend that is expected to drum up more interest is that more and more people are taking to unboxing their subscription packages on social media. This helps to spread the word and create interest in the service.

The Bubble Has Yet to Burst

While some experts thought 2016 might be the year that burst the bubble of subscription boxes, this didn’t prove the case at all. Consumers are still on-board and are now looking for more options, more incentives, and even more competitive pricing.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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