Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2022

The Gear to Get If You Want a Professional Gaming Setup

PC gaming is generally seen as the ultimate way to competitively play. However, to put together a top-class gaming setup, you need to make a few choice investments. So, while you do not need to buy all of the gear in this article to game competitively, you might want to think about getting your mitts on some choice items. 

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It goes without saying that the computer you use is by far the most important part of your gaming setup. When looking for a desktop or gaming laptop deal, you need to consider a few different things. RAM, SSD size, GPU power, and soundcard quality are all very important considerations. Getting a ready-made setup might suit newcomers more than creating a custom PC build. In addition, you should consider purchasing a cooling system like an NVIDIA RTX 4090 to ensure you PC is running as fast as possible.

An Ergonomic Mouse

If are gaming competitively, you are going to need a very responsive and ergonomic mouse. Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes, and every gamer is different when it comes to choosing the perfect mouse. Do not feel like you need to go for a mouse with lots of extra functions. Instead, choose the most comfortable and responsive design, and you will be at the top of your game in no time. Some gamers prefer upright mice, but these are by no means universally loved. 

A Good Keyboard

A good gaming keyboard typically looks rather similar to a regular keyboard at first glance. However, the real difference between gaming keyboards and regular keyboards is only visible if you remove the keys themselves to reveal the switches. While normal keyboards use membrane switches, good gaming keyboards use mechanical switches. Membrane switches feel rather spongy and rely upon the key resting on a metallic membrane that completes a circuit. Mechanical keys are spring-loaded and far more responsive. 


Peripherals are important for simulation games. Joysticks and panels are, for instance, essential if you want to play Digital Combat Simulator in any meaningful way. The best Joysticks are immensely expensive and replicate the feeling of real aircraft control surfaces. Take a look at this list of the best joysticks available this year compiled by PC Gamer magazine if you want to get a feel for the market. 

A Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is by no means essential for a good setup – but it can help if you are planning on gaming or streaming for long periods. Gaming chairs are essentially hyped-up office chairs. However, they offer a great deal of comfort and support to stop you from slouching as you play. 

A Decent Headset

A great many competitive games rely upon good communication between players. While this was traditionally achieved using chat functions, the fast pace of modern gaming means that this is no longer an option. Instead, the best gamers typically communicate using services like Discord that allow them to talk over headsets with other competitors. Therefore, a comfortable, good-quality headset with a built-in microphone is an essential purchase for serious competitors.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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