Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

‘The Flash’ season 3: Keiynan Lonsdale discusses Wally as Kid Flash, the suit and Jesse Quick’s return

On The CW series The Flash, Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) is becoming is key character on the show, growing confident as Kid Flash just as both Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) are being threatened by a criminal meta-human. Talking with Collider, Lonsdale talks about the character, beginning with a recount of finding out his character would become Kid Flash.

“The first time I received the first clue was Flashpoint, and I found out about that just a few weeks before starting filming. I was back in Australia and I read the script and was so excited. I didn’t expect for that to happen so soon. And then, when Wally got his powers from the stone and Kid Flash became and official thing with an outfit and was legit, I was as excited as Wally was. It’s been cool. He has to work on the powers now, but I’m having a lot of fun.”

He spoke about the suit, especially life after a full day on set: “There are different layers to the suit and it’s kind of tight. When we’re inside, the suit can be really hot and I’m like, ‘I’m sweating!’ But when we’re outside in the cold, the snow and the rain, it’s very comfortable. Everyone else will be uncomfortable and freezing, but I feel great. That’s always quite helpful. So, if I’m going to be outside at 2am, I’m glad if I can be in the suit. It’s a crazy thing. I rarely get to see myself in the mirror while I have it on because I need help putting it together. I usually just see it when I watch the show, which is funny. But, it feels awesome and it lifts you up. It’s just a crazy, surreal moment, for sure.”

Lonsdale discussed Grant Gustin’s Barry training Wally, evolving as a hero and saving his family. He then confirms that he’ll be teaming up with Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) in the episode with Gorilla Grodd.

“Last time we saw them, the dynamic was different. They were in a great place. Wally had to accept that Jesse has powers and he doesn’t, and that’s okay. Now, it’s really exciting to share something with her. It feels a little more equal between them. They’ll have to team up and deal with their own issues. While dealing with their relationship issues, they’ll have to deal with a meta-human while The Flash is gone in Gorilla City. There’s pressure and responsibility that falls on them, and I think that will be an interesting watch.”

Check out the full interview HERE

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