Published On: Wed, Jul 31st, 2013

The Flash confirmed to join ‘Arrow’ season 2, Barry Allen will appear in the red costume

Flash DC Comics photoHuge news came for fans of the Arrow universe as the creators confirmed they are going to include Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in Season 2 of the popular series on The CW.

Executive producers/writers Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns participated in a conference call with press to discuss what viewers can expect.

“It really started with Greg Berlanti.  The Flash was his favorite character, as a kid, growing up, and he’s obviously been a strong personal favorite of both Geoff [Johns] and mine,” Kreisberg began.

“So, when Greg approached us, one day, and said, “Hey, what would you think, if we did The Flash as a spin-off?,” all of us lit up.  Despite the fact that he’s got superpowers, I think there’s something relatable about Barry, of the big seven of The Justice League.  He got his powers by accident.  He isn’t a God.  He isn’t an alien.  He wasn’t seeking this out.  It came to him.  And his reactions to that feel very human and grounded.  I know that’s a word we use a lot on Arrow, but that’s how it really feels.  Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not.  I think it will be fun to see these two characters together because they both have distinctly different world views while both caring very deeply about right and wrong.”

Johns explained the character and his life as a scientist, which is how fans will meet him the Arrow universe.

“There’s also something really compelling about Barry Allen’s personal story.  You see some of that in the comic books, but we’ll really be exploring his life as a forensic scientist and the people around him and the tragedies that he’s had to face, himself, and how he deals with them in a very, very different way than Oliver Queen. “

Kreisberg wouldn’t discuss future plans for Flash, rumors of his own show, but did confirm that there will be tensions between the two heroes.

“That’s part of the reason we’re excited about doing this.  As excited as we are to write for Barry, we’re really excited about what Barry’s arrival is going to mean for Oliver, for Dig for Felicity and everybody.  He’s a great character, who’s going to affect all of our characters’ lives.”

Johns added “Barry is a cop.  He follows the law.  He follows the rules.  He’s the last thing in the world you would ever think about as being a vigilante.”

The duo detail the appearances for episode 8,9 and 20 and confirm he will become The Flash and were a red costume.

Check out the full interview via Collider

Arrow returns on October 9, 2013.

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