Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts when looking for Lot to build a house in Little Rock, Arkansas

There is nothing a difficult as finding a lot to build your dream house especially when your desire is to live in Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the fast-growing and highly populated towns in the United States. A website, http://www.waterviewlittlerock.com/ is a great source for someone looking to build a home. Your effort of checking online and attending some open houses will surely come up empty-handed and that is why building a house in an empty lot is the ideal solution to this problem.

The whole adventure of finding a lot to build your dream house can be quite exciting and at most of the time very tiring. The reason why one needs to follow these rules to avoid getting surprised and avoid a headache that comes with the whole expedition.

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Here are some of the do’s for any homeowner.

Do engage an Expert

There are so many real estate agents that are familiar with the finer details of owning a piece of land and eventually building your dream house. That is why it is advisable to get one that will guide you especially when you are not familiar with the negotiations and jargon that involves the whole procedure, especially in Little Rock.

Do check out the value of your neighboring houses

When your dream is to build your own house, it is no secret that you already have a picture of how you would love the house to look like. Every dream homeowner would like to customize their homes to fit how they have always aspired. This can be greatly hindered by some of the houses that might be in the neighborhood of your choosing. That is the reason why it is important to look around to a neighborhood that has houses that are a similar taste to your dream choice.

Do consider the availability of utilities

What most of the first time home builder should differentiate when buying a piece of land to build their dream house is that it is not the same deal as buying a house that has already been established. This is because with buying a house you will find all the utilities already installed which is not the case with a naked land.

It is advisable to find out how much it will cost you to install all the utilizes in your dream house and this will definitely depend on how well developed the area around the land is. Be careful as the whole process of servicing the house with the utilities can cost even much more than building the house itself.

Apart from the do’s, here are some of the don’ts that one should avoid when they are out there to find Lots to buy for a house in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Don’t expect to be financed by a bank

If your plan is to get a loan in order to purchase the piece of land to build your dream house, then that is not going to work. You will realize that, unlike home purchases, a land purchase cannot be leveraged with a bank unless there is a structure on the property.

The most that one can get from a financial institution and this depends on how your relationship with the bank is and whether you have any other collateral is a mere 40 percent and it is not a guarantee so to be safe, you will have to part with some cash in order to own that desired piece of land.

You stand a better chance of getting a construction loan as the house that your desire to build might act as collateral than when you go for loan to buy a piece of land.

Don’t avoid the environmental Test

This is as crucial as when you do home inspections. It is the background research of the plot of land as it has to be subjected to test and checks to enable the homeowner to be aware of the property that they intend to buy and build in it.

Some of the things that will be tested on the environmental test are soil contamination test of the land from the previous user if there was any. You will realize if the land had previously been owned by a gas station or auto body shop then the soil might be contaminated making it not fit to build a home. There could also be a concern if the check finds out that the soil condition is prone to flooding.

In the whole process, a surveyor will have to check and identify the property boundaries especially if the land has not been occupied for a period of time. You might find that the neighbors might intentionally or not trespassed into the vacant land.

Avoid engaging with the neighbors

It is encouraged when buying a home, to engage with your neighbors so as to find out the kind of neighborhood that you are going into. This is not the case with when planning to build an entirely new home on a vacant lot. This is because, in the process of engaging the neighbors on your whole plan, you might find some resistant therefore interfering with the whole process of building your dream home. As they might find it very disturbing when their status quo is about to be changed.

That is why it is advisable before the whole construction is complete, please don’t engage so much with the neighbors and start making friends.

Don’t assume of the property zones

Normally, the local governing body of Little Rock, Arkansas will have property zones that might limit property to be built on that piece of land or some steps need to be adhered to when building. It is very important not to rezone the property but also keep your vision within the existing limits. A good way to go about this is by looking for a piece of land that will not be a hindrance to the home that you want to build, that is why it is very important to know your restrictions before making any final decisions on your plan.

This can be greatly achieved by going through the whole plan with your architect.

Author: Ryan Hoek

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