Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2016

The death of Justice Scalia: Prominent Libertarians Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell and Judge Napolitano analyze

The death of Judge Antonin Scalia last week has drawn a lot of reflection on the man, the composition of the Supreme Court and the possible effects on the Constitution.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

However, most thoughts and opinion have been from the Democrats and Republicans. Some prominent Libertarian thinkers also opined on the ramifications of the death of this unique justice.

During an episode of the Tom Woods Show earlier this week, host Dr Tom Woods and lewrockwell.com founder, Lew Rockwell had an interesting back and forth on Scalia.

Neither man agreed with all of Scalia’s decisions, particularly concerning executive power and the drug war, they warn they it will be a whole lot worse.

Woods so aptly warns, “For people who are obsessed with criticizing Scalia, wait till you see his replacement and you will be begging to have him back”.

Rockwell concurs, “I think he was a good man personally…he was so smart, it was nice to see somebody in Washington who was brilliant, this is not a common occurrence.

“His opinions on the court, especially his dissenting opinions were just vivid and they just popped off the page, and no wonder he had the influence.

“I think there’s no question that whoever, whether the Republicans do it or the Democrats do it, it’s going to be somebody far worse.”

The analysis gets much better and much deeper later in the segment: LISTEN here

Another Libertarian intellectual, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who was a friend with the late Justice, penned an excellent piece today first noting his personal loss and then stating, Regrettably, in the nation, there is a sense of loss for the Constitution as well.

Justice Scalia was the most aggressive and consistent defender on the Supreme Court of the primacy of the text of the Constitution in the post-World War II era. He was the modern-day progenitor of the idea — and eventually the jurisprudence — of interpreting the Constitution faithful to the plain meaning of its words. He was utterly and unambiguously faithful to this concept.

Read this wonderful account of Scalia and the Constitutional Fidelity HERE



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  1. Chris Harbinger says:

    Call Texas Governor Abbott:
    Beg him to convene a Grand Jury..
    READ Texas Criminal LAW: violated to the letter or as an incompetent judge would attack a Pro Se having to defend themselves..”you didn’t cross your “t’s” or dot your “i’s”!
    Talking about what: he was murdered…that is how desperate this Admin of HATE USA as One Nation Under GOD is…expect something else..a made etc to enter…as US SUpreme if the GOP continues their self denial bowing to evil…to make certain EVIL has the continued complete power to shove us dba the USA into the abyss…ASAP, too!
    Immediately upon hearing Scalia was dead: I knew it was not by accident–not with that which inhabits the USA’s White House…so being on-line I posted “AUTOPSY DEMANDED for SCALIA” then I am leaving messages for government officials..Next thing I know: FACEBOOK removes my email..ability with them! End of story..so I had a secondary.

  2. Paul Deeb says:

    Scalia wasn’t a good man. He was an overbreeder, antiabortion, douche. Good riddance.

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