Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2019

The Cult Of Michelle Phan

When will Michelle Phan be back?

After a yearlong YouTube hiatus (on Jun 1, 2017) Phan posted a video explaining why she took her break, citing legal troubles and issues with her self image. In the video’s description she stated “I’ll return when I’m inspired to share new ideas.”

As of April 2019, she has not released another video on her channel.

This is from 2011:

Michelle Phan. For those who don’t know, she is the former Ringling art student who gained worldwide notoriety for her YouTube channel where she would create makeup tutorials that are a huge a hit, particularly with the teens. Many of the videos have well over one million views.

Michelle Phan Image/Video Screen Shot

Michelle Phan
Image/Video Screen Shot

This led to a position with Lancome, the makeup and skin care company.

She is also a superstar on the social networks with well over 500,000 “likes” on her Facebook fan page and nearly 150,000 followers on Twitter.

However, this all leads to the dark side of Phan and her militia of followers. There is an almost blind loyalty to Phan and a zombie-like, robotic reaction to anything she posts.

For example, Michelle Phan can make the most inane, worthless comments on her Facebook page and hundreds, sometimes thousands of her minions will like it as if she just split the atom or caused world peace.To illustrate this point, on Feb. 19, she made the following incredibly insightful post on Facebook:

“Holy Moly! It took me 15 minutes to zip up my dress! They need to make a fool proof way to zip up tight dresses by yourself, especially for dumpling lovers!”

A full 1,288 people “liked” this and it garnered 140 comments!

But it has gotten to the point where anyone that crosses the apparently thin-skinned and vain makeup artist, will get lambasted by the “Phan-tards” under orders from their leader. It can get violently threatening to the poor person who feels brave enough to critique Phan.

Take the case of the 13-year-old girl that created a Michelle Phan fan page of her own.

She made a Michelle Phan fan page and “liked” a comment which the “real” Michelle Phan didn’t “approve” of …thus out went the call to war to her internet soldiers:

Michelle Phan on Thursday, 3-10-11: Big favor! This person is fake and they’re “liking” really mean comments, which is messed up. It would mean a lot if you guys can help me flag this person. I did but I’m only one person. Thanks so much :)

Then the thirst for blood began. Here is a sample of the comments:

too ugly to be urself? :D maybe some of the makeup tutorials of the “real” michelle could help u overcome ur little ugly problem ;D

you suck get a life u faker


Here is one that exemplifies the cult of Michelle Phan:

so sad that ur a faker…no one can be better than the real michelle phan

How about this legal eagle:

This is fraud, it’s illegal and you can go to jail for it. The police can track who created this, technology moves so fast, it’s incredible what can be done today. Please remove this page for your own sake. =) I’m being nice right now you don’t want to see me being mean.

How about the comments from this classy teen:

f**kin faker go use your stupid time to wash your p***y instead. seriously GET A LIFE. FLAG EVERYONE. SOO ILLEGAL!! be yourself, if you’re a fan of her make a fanpage. not fake her dear. just to tell you, you’ve just lost a chance of fame. sorry my dear. if you want to gain real beauty it requires a true heart and soul. then your true natural art of yours which known as make up comes next.Finally REAL BEAUTY is achieved.

This is the mob mentality that surrounds the cult of Michelle Phan.

Well, I guess you get the point. It’s pathological. Where is Michelle Phan trying to put an end to this cyberbullying? For those who know this woman, this is not the first time she’s called her minions to attack some unsuspecting teen.

Last fall she fired up the villagers on Twitter to attack another person, this time a 16-year-old, who didn’t think Michelle Phan’s shit didn’t stink.

When this individual responded negatively to the following tweet by saying “are you going to do just Halloween tutorials for anime and retarded video games” the “Rice Bunny” sent out her batsignal for her militia of internet vandals. The minions attacked the girl with a barrage of tweets like “if you don’t like it, don’t have twitter” to the mafia-like comment, “wat is wrong wit u!,u know wat u did wrong”, as if the girl broke a commandment.

The cult of Michelle Phan can be a terrifying thing to a young person and I would hope that parents whose kids are followers of the narcissistic makeup artist are aware of what your child may be subjected to.

Even more, the adult Michelle Phan knows exactly what she is doing and should act in a mature manner representative of her age.

And for her followers, do you really believe this is the way to act to a really minor issue? Put this nonsense in perspective. Don’t be so easily manipulated.

For more on the shenanigans and abuse from Phan and her social networking terrorists, see the website Michelle Phail.

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