Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

The Coolest Gear From This Year’s SHOT Show

The annually held SHOT show is one of the best places to learn about new gear when it comes to guns. Each year new companies present their latest innovations all in one spot, making it a great place for gun-enthusiasts to gather. If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s show in Las Vegas, here are some of the coolest pieces of gear on display at this year’s SHOT show.

Facebook photo/student posing with rifle at a gun show

The MantisX Training System

If your gun has a rail segment, you’re going to have an interest in the MantisX Training System. This device connects to your gun, and syncs up with your smartphone. The device tracks the movement of the gun before, during, and after your shot, and displays the information on your phone. You can then use this information to improve your aim. Best of all, the device tracks information over time, so that you can see how you’ve improved. Finally, a new feature added this year allows you to connect with other MantisX users around the world, to compare results and compete against one another.

Amtac Mantis Suppressor

For many people who fire rifles, they wish the gun was a little quieter. The solution is often to add a suppressor, but this comes with its own drawbacks. Typical suppressors make rifles a lot longer, making them heavier, harder to carry around, and most importantly, less accurate. Ideally, you’d want a suppressor that reduces noise while not making the gun significantly bigger. The AMTAC Mantis Suppressor aims to do just this. When equipped to your rifle, it only adds on about 3 inches, which is considerably less than other suppressors. Noise reduction is quite good despite it’s size, and it will come in several different versions depending on the caliber used.

ArmaLaser TR Laser Sights

Laser sights are great for helping you accurately fire your pistol. But if you won’t want to push a button to turn the laser sight on and off, consider the newest laser sight from ArmaLaser. With their model, the laser sight turns on when you naturally grip the gun. No more remembering to turn the sight on – all you need to do is grab the pistol like you normally would. The TR Series is available in both red and green sights.

Digital Ear Buds from Silencer BT

When you fire your rifle, it’s imperative that you use protection for your ears. Without it, you will cause damage to your ears, and hurt them further each time you fire your gun. Luckily, with new technological advancements, there are now ear buds that filter out gun noises while allowing you to hear conversations. There are several options when it comes to digital ear buds, but the newest model from Silencer BT is a strong contender. This is largely due to the USB charging capability, making them easier to charge whether you’re at home, on the range, or in the field.

Night Optics’s SVTS Thermal Riflescope  

For a long time, thermal scopes and night vision were used separately to help shooters find their targets. Thermal scopes help the gun owner to differentiate a target from it’s surroundings, while the night vision allowed them to view things in better detail at night. The SVTS Thermal Riflescope from Night Optics aims to combine the two. There are also some additional features, like arrows that point towards outside the field of view towards other targets, along with a recorder so you can watch your shots back later. This device makes firing your rifle at hard to see targets much easier, and you may end up using it so much, that you need to look into bulk ammo.

Remote Control Target System from Lyman

Anyone who has spent considerable amount of time at a firing range knows how much of it is spent waiting for a ceasefire so you can change out your targets. With the new Auto-Advance Remote Control Target System from Lyman, you don’t have to worry about this. With the click of a button, you can cycle to a new set of targets from up to 200 yards away. Now you can spend more time shooting, and less time waiting to set up your targets.

Plenty to See at Each SHOT Show

As you can see, there is a lot of cool gear on display at the annual SHOT show. If you’re a gun-enthusiast, we highly recommend you checking out the show the next time it rolls around. To learn more about this event, visit their website here. It’s one of the biggest gun-related events of the year, every year, so you won’t want to miss it next time.

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

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