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The Compensation You Will Get for a Maryland Personal Injury Case

You might think that receiving compensation for an injured person in Maryland is a straightforward process, but there are no two accidents or injury-causing occurrences that are exactly alike; hence, every injury case is unique. From experience over the decades, however, we have noticed similar patterns in various cases through which this piece can give general advice on the worth of an accident case. 

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The Worth of Your Personal Injury Case

A common question to ask is, “Is my personal injury case worth anything substantial?”

Most Maryland injury lawyers are familiar with this question. Some victims will even add a preface, such as, “It is not just about the money, and I’m not doing this to get rich, but….”. Of course, nobody would have crucified them if they openly owned up; injury lawyers understand and accept that it is about seeking fair compensation. 

A reputable attorney will focus on the following issues in their analysis:

The Victim’s Lost Wages and Medical Expenses

These two factors make up the substance of the economic damage aspect of a personal injury case. Your lawyer must brilliantly argue to recover every medical bill you incurred due to the injury. The defendant should also compensate you for your lost wages. 

Your Doctors’ Opinions on the Injury

You need medical evidence to validify your case. Maryland personal injury attorneys have doctors who can assist them professionally to link the injury and the need for treatment. Conversely, the insurance firm will also find a doctor to give a counter opinion to your doctor’s argument to lower their financial loss. Hence, without valid submissions, they may topple your case. 

The Physical and Mental Distress You Experienced 

Because this claim lacks quantification, lawyers lodge it under the “non-economic” damage heading. The age-long question, “How much is a lost rib, or a lost life, worth?” comes to mind. It seems impossible to reduce these claims to a dollar amount, so Maryland jurors follow guidance on items to consider. 

How to Determine Your Maryland Personal Injury Settlement

Every victim wants to know the value of their personal injury case. “The fundamental responsibility of a personal injury lawyer is to analyze and determine a personal injury claim value accurately. Then, they will go further to recover the deserved compensation for their client,” says attorney Roger K. Gelb of Gelb & Gelb, PC.  

Maryland Law Recognizes Two Forms of Damages—Economic and Non-economic. 

Economic damages are items you can quickly calculate. They include past and future wages and past and potential medical expenses. However, non-economic damages entail a more comprehensive analysis. Many simply refer to non-economic damages as “pain and suffering.” The main argument is how an injury or its effect has altered the victim’s life. 

Attorneys analyze different factors to ascertain the value of a personal injury matter. They consider lost wages, medical expenses incurred, the amount of insurance coverage, and where the case will hold in Maryland if it goes to trial. They will also analyze the non-economic aspect carefully and forecast the opposition the insurance company will mount. These analyses will help them prepare well and approach the case meritoriously.

Despite money being a poor substitute for health and life, it is the known legal remedy for accidents. It is the core of Maryland’s justice system. Hence, you need an experienced and creative injury lawyer to help you calculate the value of your matter. You are only short changing yourself if you say, “It is not about the money,” because that is the only specified remedy under the law. 

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