Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

The collection and disposal of commercial waste

With a developed and advanced society comes an added problem: the increasingly huge amount of waste being produced on a daily basis. On a smaller scale in our everyday lives, wastes are an easy thing to dispose of: we just have to toss it into the trash. But how about commercial entities? Where do they dispose of their waste? That is where a commercial waste disposal company comes in and do the job. Let us explore the different aspects in this industry.

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Different types of waste

In a residential aspect, the three most common kinds of recycling waste you see in your everyday life would be: glass, plastic and paper. There are even bins that are clearly labelled for you to dispose of these wastes, and in turn, to be recycled. In a commercial aspect, there are many more such as confidential waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, electrical waste, etc. These kind of waste are not to be disposed of in any careless manner, but instead, they should be disposed of in a demarcated area meant for special wastes.

Way of storage and disposal

For the three common kinds of waste, you would just have to probably toss it into the recycling bins you see everywhere. But for the special kind of wastes, there are instructions to be followed. For example, medical sharps are to be stored in a clear plastic Biohazard waste container and left in a demarcated area, to be disposed of by a waste company that handles commercial waste in Exeter. A commercial waste company would even offer services such as waste sorting and recycling, saving you the hassle of sorting the waste.

Reputable companies

When looking for a company, look for one which has a track record in working with businesses and the amount of work they have provided. Do take note of the certifications and accreditations as that might mean they are well equipped with the knowledge and materials to carry out their duties properly. Do make sure their employees are well-trained in handling waste products too.

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Environmental concern

The improper storage and disposal could cause many environmental concerns if the company that you have hired does not do a good job. For example, medical sharps which are not handled properly during the collection or disposal process could have fallen out of the boxes, or even hazardous liquid waste which might have leaked out, etc.

Governmental regulations

With the tighter control and measures set on waste disposal by the government nowadays, it would be prudent to hire a reputable company as infringing on the policies could set you back by a hefty fine, or even have your license suspended. The incorrect storage of special wastes must be taken note of, as government officials can conduct a check and impose heavy penalties, should there be an infringement of the rules.

It is always best to engage a waste disposal company rather than doing it on your own. It may seem like a simple process, but there are regulations, certifications, and even the process behind it that makes it a complicated one. Not following the proper procedures could even get you into trouble with the law, as there are proper procedures to follow, and specific places to dispose different kind of waste.

Author: Sophie Fenn

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