Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2018

The Case of the Christmas Soldier

This is a “Whodunit” that can only be found in a Real Housewives franchise. As the ladies of New York ascended on the Berkshires, more than one mystery would need to be solved.

Dorinda held her annual Christmas party at her home in the Berkshires, Blue Stone Manner. As this annual event has seen some intense situations in the past, Ms. Medley decided to keep everyone otherwise occupied by throwing a murder mystery dinner. Each lady donned their best Roaring 20’s look while playing the character that they were assigned. As “Aiden Hemms” falls to the ground the New Yorkers start their delve into the mystery in the odd form that only these girls could pull off.

As we move into the dining room and yet another character, Freddy Feathersby” hits the floor the mystery is solved. Not by wit or sleuthing skills but because Dorinda was hungry and yelled out “I did it, it was me.” Mystery solved let’s eat. Or so we thought……

When the ladies had originally arrived Bethenny was admiring Dorinda’s Christmas decor and mentioned that her daughter saw an FAO Schwartz (gigantic) toy soldier but Bethenny was unable to get it for her because it sold out in mere minutes. Oh the Christmas horror.

Dorinda tells Bethenny she will see if she can find it and so begins the case of the Christmas Soldier.

After the craziness that is the Berkshires (which you can read about here) the ladies are back in New York for the annual Bethenny gift/regift Christmas soiree. While gifts, that may or may not have been given to each other before, are exchanged there is a knock at the door. Low and behold it is the enormous toy soldier that Bethenny’s daughter had wanted from Santa. 

Bethenny screams Dorinda screams, and a larger than life Christmas decoration makes it’s way into the swanky apartment. Bethenny is overcome with joy and hugs Michael, the deliverer of gigantic toys, over and over again as she screams with joy. Dorinda exclaims to the group, “I found it, the toy soldier.” Michael then says, “there was only one in American and I found it.” Wait? Who found it?

Luckily Dorinda clears it up right away by saying “Well I found it really.” Great. Mystery solved. Dorinda saved Christmas and found the only toy soldier in America that little Bryn wanted. The girls excoriate Bethenny for thanking Michael and not Dorinda which seems to be what these ladies do best. Blame Bethenny. Except that isn’t exactly what happened.

Now Bethenny and Michael have cleared up the story in this odd turn of events for a Christmas miracle. Dorinda did not find the soldier. Michael did and he finds rare items for a living with his company Mike Harrison Art. He drove the 8 hours to get the gift and bring it to the apartment. He found the only one in America as he stated in the episode. So what exactly did Dorinda do to find it? She sent a text introducing Bethenny and Michael.

Now Dorinda did help Bethenny get the item by pointing her in the right direction and Bethenny thanked her by telling her she saved Christmas but Dorinda definitely was taking more credit than she deserved. Michael Harris found the impossible to get gift and Dorinda tried to steal his Christmas thunder by taking credit for something she had little to do with at all.

Michael Harris found the soldier and saved Christmas. Case closed.

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