Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

The Broad Classification of Night Sights Unveiled

If the core tenet of daily carry is preparation, then night sights will then perfectly with the principle. As per studies, street lighting has historically affected violent crime while conditions related to low-light relate to higher rates of violent crime. However, gun owners may feel that sights from their traditional handgun may be difficult to see during the immediacy of rushed self-defense in low light and dangerous situations. Most people use night lights for helping appropriately placed shots but can find it lost in an array of choices while experimenting what may work well for their personal needs.

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Broad Categorization

Night sights are broadly classified into 4 categories namely,

  • Photoluminescent Night Sights- You will like these night sights. The premise will be the same irrespective of the photoluminescence type. Having exposure to intense light sources (fluorescent, UV, LED), the incoming photon energy gets stored in those applied chemicals while in situations where there is low light the area affected will glow visibly. Without hinting at any particular company, today there is no shortage in the availability of manufacturers who provide circular dots along with the industrial adhesive. Such dots contain already applied photoluminescent chemical and the consumer can install it.

There is one more option and that is to apply photoluminescent paints to sights as well as allow it to dry. There are some who utilize glow in dark nail polishes. The cost is lower and applying the chemical, again and again, is a hassle-free affair. However, the issue is whether the sight of the weapon will be exposed appropriately towards the light source for being charged or not. If it gets exposed, the light intensity is likely to play a part as to how much visible it will be in case of low light. In the case of the photoluminescent sights it requires getting exposed towards energy from the external source. That is an excellent option which more/less will be self-sustaining.


  • Tritium Night Sights- The source of energy when it comes to tritium is indeed intrinsic. Via a sequence of reactions, such sights that may be pricier compared to the earlier option. But it will help in emitting light from a soft source. The source of the light comes from the tritium gas which is hydrogen’s radioactive isotope. The gas will begin to decay, owing to which release electrons. When phosphorous matters get stricken by such electrons, it will create a lovely fluorescent light. When that phosphorus matter gets altered, the color will get affected. No wonder it is available in an array of shades. Tritium’s half-life is merely 12.5 years which means after completion of this period its brightness will reduce to half compared to what it was when purchased. There are a few people that argue that tritium, when utilized in the night sights its material remains bright enough to be used feasibly after those 12 years. Hence the bottom line, the difference amid these two choices is one absorbs photons present in the light, and the other is self-sustaining.


On the one hand one will be photoluminescence, and on the other will be radioluminescence. The difference is both in its application as well as price. The tritium sights may be little involved in installing it appropriately. Few come with white borders while some do not. It is this factor which is likely to affect the sight visibility during the daytime. Different people have different preferences- three tritium dots, one tritium dot and front tritium dot having a bar at the rear for lining up against. That depends on the opinion of the individual as well as the application yet the outcome is it is visible under low light as well as aid in placing shots correctly. The idea is, if you want proper visibility under low lights, make with tritium night sights.


  • Fiber Optic Sights Will Help at Night– These sights do not emit light but work in sights like contrasting materials which are simple to distinguish. Today, fiber optic night sights or to be more specific the tritium types are easily available. It uses the materials in both types for the finest attributes. However, this option is not much compatible. Based on the kind of light and whether used with a flashlight, these sights can work as a night sight yet often are not the first choice. Often people complain about its fragility yet if properly installed it will be durable enough for daily carry firearms. Notably, the fiber optic night sights are not always costly like its tritium counterparts. Akin to other modifications, this requires serving the needs of people as well as where they will carry weapons the weapon.


  • The Magic of Laser Lights- You can use these sights under conditions with a low light display on the designated targets. It helps in establishing target visibility, is tacti cool, has a simple installation procedure based on the compatibility of the model. Today there are different concealed and open carry holsters which compensate room, especially for the laser sights. There are some lasers which are available in multiple colors for people that have the problem of color blindness. With regards to its lifespan, it is less than tritium because it is powered via a battery often time akin to those in the hearing aids. It will add weight to the handgun and often you can install and uninstall it using simple tools. Handgun sights akin to any topic under the community of handguns will elicit starkly contrasting opinions from different walks of life.  You may like a handgun, but another person may not like the same. That depends entirely on the environment and lifestyle.

Of all, it is the tritium sights that are the most popular due to its alluring features- needs no charging, no turning on and no battery replacements. At all times it is activated which means it is always ready for use and above all is exceptionally long-lasting. Today many retailers can suffice your specific tritium requirements so contact them right away.

Author: Charlie Brown

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