Published On: Fri, Apr 8th, 2016

‘The Boss’ Review: Enjoyable Melissa McCarthy comedy with pleny of ‘LOL’ moments

Opening April 8, 2016, The Boss busts into theaters with the same take-charge attitude of its main character, Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), and throws it’s in-your-face, say-what-you’re-thinking type of comedy right at you.  Written by the team of McCarthy, Ben Falcone, and Steve Mallory and also directed by Falcone, The Boss tells the story of financial mogul Darnell who always put business before people and is sent to jail for insider trading after slighting former lover Renault (Peter Dinklage) one time too many.

the-boss-movie-posterUpon her release, Darnell realizes she has lost everything, been black-balled by the financial community, and has no one in her life that actually cares about her except possibly her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell).

As she becomes a staple on Claire’s couch, Darnell also begins helping care for Rachel (Ella Anderson), Claire’s young daughter.  All it takes is one meeting of Rachel’s Dandelion troop discussing cookie sales and Darnell recognizes the makings of a brand-new business model….Darnell’s Darlings who sell homemade brownies with part of the profits going directly into college funds for the darlings themselves.  From that basic storyline, the comedy takes off in multiple directions.

The Boss is another comedic accomplishment to be added to McCarthy’s portfolio in the same way as Spy and Identity Thief were.  While very deserving of its R rating, Boss does not go as far down the raunchy road of The Heat and Bridesmaids.  There are a few lulls in the 99 minute film, but they also serve as an opportunity for the audience to catch a breath between the laugh-out-loud bits that are throughout the production.  Needless to say, fans of McCarthy will not be disappointed (like most people were with Tammy).

Final suggestion:  don’t watch the trailers and previews.  Just take a gamble and go see the movie.


There are a number of surprises that you don’t see coming and I’d hate for those little sneak peeks to ruin the impact for you.  Grab a bag of popcorn and just  enjoy.

Overall The Boss receives 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

Author: Debbie Sage


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