Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2019

The Best Ways to Eat Out in Kuala Lumpur

Come prepared with an empty stomach & an open mind, because the cuisine in Malaysia’s capital city is nothing short of life-changing.

As one arrives from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, they’ll have a lot of things on their mind: the food, the gorgeous architecture, the rich history, the food, the wonderful people, and of course, the food.

Oh, you think I’m overestimating? Have you seen the variety they offer? The cultural crossroads they express in their dishes? Oh wait, you haven’t? Well then, it’s a good thing I’m writing this article about the best food you can find in the city.

You might be on a budget, you might be splurging, or you might be somewhere in between. None, however, are kept from enjoying the celebration of quality & flavor that is Malaysian cuisine. You won’t have to look too hard for greatness, but we’ll still offer a helping hand.

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Although it shares a name with a character more celebrated in the United States, the specialty here is unique to the region. Specifically, it’s the famous dish known as char kuey teow, which is enjoyed by many locals throughout the country, along with Singapore.

The Malaysian variety mainly involves wide noodles stir-fried with soy sauce, egg & chilis, combined with either fish cake pieces, prawns, pork or chicken. The secret to the perfect one is the smokiness of the noodles, and the chefs at Rocky have it down to a science.

Mr. Chiam’s Pisang Goreng Stall

For those unfamiliar, “pisang goreng” means “fried bananas,” and they’re exactly as delicious as they sound. The stall is only opened for a mere five hours per day, but that doesn’t stop people from enduring the line to experience the fried goodness.

Along with bananas, Mr. Chiam offers various other fried goods made to order, including curry puffs, sesame balls, and root vegetables. A decadent treat, for sure, and noticeable time investment, but one that pays off in ways you can barely imagine.

New Heong Kee

Let me get this straight: your favorite restaurant isn’t next to the local zoo? Well, it should be, because that’s exactly where New Heong Kee is. If you decide to drop by, you’ll even be beating some locals to the discovery (the fact it’s hidden along a highway doesn’t help with exposure).

That being said, you might not mind keeping this to yourself. Their claim to fame is a dish known as beggar’s chicken, a clear connection to the Chinese culinary tradition.

In summary, the chicken is given a bath in a special type of cooking wine, along with various medicinal herbs, after which it is surrounded by clay, placed in a kiln, and made to cook at a snail’s pace for six hours.

After this long wait, though, patience is greatly rewarded. The meat is more tender than almost anything else offered in this beautiful world, and it should be treasured accordingly.


To cap off our list, we’d like to introduce you to Limapulo. It’s one of the most revered restaurants in the country, let alone the city, and visitors are always welcomed by the bright & smiling face of Uncle John, known as “Baba.”

Along with essentially being the mascot, he’s the mastermind behind the food, and “mastermind” is no understatement. Their Nyonya Laksa, served on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday has helped them win a fair share of awards & praise from all who’ve paid a visit.

Everything else they serve is amazing, too, so make sure to drop by a few times to appreciate the work of Baba in full.

Author: Adam Edmond

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