Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2018

The Best Software to Clean Scratch Disk on Mac

When we extremely busy, we don’t pay attention to the internal state of our devices. We obsessed with our task and during the execution or even the completion of our task, the application in which the work is going on produces an error. If you didn’t manage to save it in some magical way the work cannot be returned. It sounds like a nightmare if this error occurs when working with graphics editors such as Adobe Photoshop. And this can lead to losing the progress on the current project.

Does no one really want to feel such a loss on them? If your answer is “Yes”, you are in the right place because we will tell how to prevent that “disaster” and how to eliminate it!

Space of “scratch disk” belongs to graphics editors; it stores temporary files that are created when working with Photoshop.


Now we will consider several variants and ways to eliminate this problem.

1. Opening a Large Number of Photos or Pictures for Processing

There are situations when you need to work simultaneously with a large number of pictures, but opening a multitude of tabs in the program can slow down its productivity, and lead to the above error. Each file open in the program creates a temporary file in special disk space which is several times larger than the photo itself. This is the reason that the space filling faster than normal and it leads to the failure of the application.

Our advice is to work with one or two pictures. If you need something from an additional file, open it, take information that you need, and close it, that not to occupy space.

Check the disk before working with graphics editors -with this approach, you will be able to protect yourself from an unexpected and unpleasant error while working.

You can watch this short video to easily free up the space on scratch disk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLPjQfbzABQ

2. The Creation of Many Unnecessary Layers

Here is the problem, as in the previous paragraph. Try not to create an excessive number of layers, and if you created a layer, and then you didn’t need it, don’t just exclude its visibility. Remove it. Thus, you will free up space for new and necessary layers. And the program will run more smoothly.

3. The Space of the Disc Was Completely Used

It happens when you open a graphical editor and it’s slow, or may not work at all showing error. This means that the conditions of the above reasons don’t work here and your Mac needs help.

Sometimes it is enough to clean the temporary files and cache. You can do this through the Photoshop control panel, through the “Menu” tab and select which partitions you want to clear.

Keep Separate Files That You Need, Preferably on a Disk with Plenty of Free Space.

If you are afraid to do this manually, you can trust the CleanMyMac3 program. We recommend installing this magic application because it is checked in action and will never remove important things. The application keeps the whole system of your Mac in a perfect tone, it is enough to just go into it once a week and start checking and clearing temporary files. This is a nice addition, it has a reminder function. Turn it on (through the “scheduler”), specify the frequency of the reminders and now you wouldn’t forget!

This error can occur even if the temporary files of graphics editor are deleted – it’s extraneous files that take up space in the Mac system.

They can be found by searching files that have a “temp” extension. Remove boldly everything that is with this extension – let your Mac work on important tasks without being distracted by minor disturbances.

You can find more information about cleaning your Mac using this great informative source article.

Author: Piyush Golani

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