Published On: Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

The Best Reasons to Get Fire Sprinkler Installer Insurance

If you own a company that installs fire sprinklers in homes and businesses, you need to get a fire sprinkler installer insurance policy you can count on. In fact, depending on what area you do business in, insurance is likely required. But even if that wasn’t the case, you’d still benefit from getting an insurance policy. Here are the top reasons why. 

Protect Against Common Risks You Face in This Industry 

When you work in installations of any kind, your worksite is typically at your customer’s home or business. Any time your employees are working on someone else’s property, there’s a chance they will accidentally damage it. If you don’t want to have to pay out of pocket for repairs after an employee damages the ceiling during installation—or when the new fire sprinklers malfunction and spray the room with water—you’ll be glad to have fire sprinkler installer insurance. The general liability portion of your coverage will pay for any necessary repairs due to your products, services, or employees. It will even pay for medical bills if your products or services injure someone. 

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Some risks in this industry affect your employees, not just customers. For example, your employees regularly drive to customers’ homes and businesses. If they’re involved in a car accident on the way there or back, there’s a good chance their personal auto insurance won’t cover the costs because they were driving for work. This is why the best fire sprinkler installer insurance policies have auto insurance added to them. Similarly, if your employees are hurt on the job—such as by falling off a ladder or cutting themselves while installing fire sprinklers—the workers’ comp portion of your policy will pay for their medical bills and missed wages while they spend time recovering. 

Finally, if you have an office for your business, you can add property protection to your fire sprinkler installer insurance policy to cover any damages that might occur. For instance, if it’s destroyed due to fire, vandalism, rain, or other incidents, your insurance will pay to repair the office and replace any damaged equipment or furniture. Basically, fire sprinkler installer insurance will protect your business, employees, and customers from the risks you face in this industry. 

Expand Your Customer Base

If all that protection from common risks isn’t reason enough to get fire sprinkler installer insurance, add to it the potential for more customers. It’s a fact that many people won’t hire a company that doesn’t have proof of insurance. After all, customers don’t want to be responsible for the medical bills if your employee gets hurt on their property. And they don’t want to think about the possibility of paying for their own repairs to their house if your fire sprinklers malfunction and cause water damage. 

Your potential customers will want to know that you have the right fire sprinkler installer insurance to protect them in case anything happens. This is why many will ignore your company altogether if you don’t advertise that you’re properly insured. Some aren’t even allowed to hire companies without insurance, especially if they need work done for their office and their boss is paying for it. This means not having fire sprinkler installer insurance may limit the amount of business you get in your city.  

Give Employees Peace of Mind 

It’s not just customers who don’t want to work with businesses without insurance. Employees typically don’t, either. Most look for employers that have workers’ comp, business auto, and other coverage types that can protect them. 

No one wants to have to pay for their own medical bills after they’re injured or disabled as a result of their job, nor do they want to pay for car accident bills after an accident on the way to a jobsite. So if you don’t have fire sprinkler installer insurance, you won’t have access to a large portion of people who are looking for a job from a reputable, insured company. 

Clearly, getting fire sprinkler installer insurance is the right move, and not just because it’s usually required. It can also benefit your business as a whole—including your employees and customers. So you should start getting quotes for fire sprinkler installer insurance today if you don’t already have a policy. 

Author: Sam Meenasian

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