Published On: Thu, Apr 12th, 2018

The Best Garage Door Design Trends in 2018

In terms of property aesthetics and curb appeal, your garage door can be designed to make the perfect statement. Apparently, there are a number of trends that you can follow to ensure a beautiful output. And although keeping up with trends and anything popular can be a very daunting task, it is still fun and useful.

If you are in the market to try out something refreshing and new this 2018, then these garage door designs can help you big time. It is time you take your garage door installation to a whole new level!

#1. Wood is Still Good

In case you did not know, wooden garage doors were once the king of the market just before fiberglass dethroned them. Interestingly, this material has found its way back to various magazines and catalogs. Well, that is because wood is – and will always be – still good. Not only does it bring the cozy, warm feeling, it is also deemed a beautiful element to any synthetic material it is mixed. This combination brings unmatched uniqueness to the whole package, giving your home a better impression.

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#2. Colors for Added Attitude

Just recently, there has been a complete tonal shift in terms of design and aesthetics. What used to be fashionable and normative in the past is now merely outdated and undesired. This is due to the fact that every garage door installation needs to be either striking or eye-catching. If you have a garage door that has a perfect balance of shades and colors, your home can immediately acquire a personality. Your garage, in particular, quickly becomes the “main attraction” in your neighborhood. Obviously, that is something you would want to have.

#3. The Insulation Secret

Unlike the aforementioned, this design did not quickly become a favorite amongst homeowners. But as the years passed, it surfaced to become one of the most sought-after features in garage door installation. And no matter the varieties, a garage door with insulation offers an eco-friendly atmosphere, cutting down cooling and heating costs throughout an entire year. More importantly, they give your garage added functionality, as the insulation property creates a comfortable, cozy space.

#4. Get Smart With Smart Doors

Who would have thought that advanced technology would soon find its way to every garage door? Well, it is not really surprising, given the fact that humanity hungers for innovation. If you are fond of connecting your home to the cloud, then a smart garage door is the only way to go. You can build a garage equipped with cameras, which can be controlled via a smartphone application. This allows you to control every setting from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. This quality of life improvement can take away the worry of driving away and forgetting to close the garage door. With just a click, you can get the job done.

Another great addition is sensors, a feature that automatically opens or closes the garage door when your vehicle arrives or leaves. And like the security cameras, it can also be accessed using a smartphone application. Not only is this upgrade useful, it also makes your garage door look cool. There is no doubt your neighbors will envy you.

#5. It’s Charging Time

With the rise of hybrid and electric cars – and the fact that they are getting more affordable each year – a garage door equipped with a home-charging station is becoming a trend. This has become a must-have for people who own said vehicles. Besides, relying on public charging stations is neither convenient nor practical. Although it would require you to spend a little bit, it is worth every penny.

#6. Windows for Function and Look

More and more homeowners are installing garage doors with windows, and there are two reasons for this: They want to have functionality while achieving a stunning look. This garage door installation can perfectly match any style, from a casual aesthetic to a modernized feel. Perhaps more importantly, windows are there to provide light into your garage and thus making it energy-efficient. This will eventually lead to more savings.

#7. The Might of Wrought-Iron

Wrought-iron is basically an ordinary iron but with less carbon (i.e. .8% as opposed to the cast iron’s 2-4%). This material is achieved through forging, hammering, stretching, and rolling, giving it its distinct look. If you are into garage door accents, then the wrought-iron door is a great trend to apply. It is guaranteed to give your home a more refined look and, above all, it can last for years.

#8. Be Bold, Use Black

They say black is too mainstream. Well, it is not really the case with a garage door. This color is still one of the most popular color choices in the market. Why exactly? That is because it effectively conceals blemishes, dirt, and abrasions caused by everyday wear and tear. A black garage door installation is even perfect for complementing light-colored houses, creating retreat and modernism that every homeowner desires.

#9. All-Weather Doors

Do you plan to use your garage as a home office or workshop space? Or perhaps you want to use it as an added storage area? In any case, installing all-weather garage doors can be greatly beneficial. This garage door design easily transforms the space into a comfortable working area. You can even add some insulation properties to make it more habitable. Furthermore, your garage door can withstand any harsh elements brought by various weather conditions.

Author: Heidi H

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