Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

The Best Crafting Platforms for Entrepreneurs

In the modern work of machines and technology, the world has started to realize the worth of handmade items. It is not only time consuming to make handmade items, they are also more neatly made than those made on machines. The labor and effort put into these items is praise worthy. Because of the high quality and tidiness of handmade products, the popular Brazuca football of World Cup 2014 was also hand-sewn.

People often think that nobody would buy their items because that’s so old school. But the truth is, handmade items are now in demand. Just the idea of something being handmade appeals to people. All you need are some entrepreneurship skills, a good crafting platform and there you go.

The crafting industry is quite big and before one steps into it they should know which platform to access. So, here are some best-selling handmade items you can consider if you plan to start your own business.


Either it’s a woman or a man; one doesn’t go out without their accessories. Jewelry is something quite dear to both the genders and business in this market can become a huge success for you. A jeweler does not merely work with beads and gems-it is much more. You have to work with various materials, ranging from fabrics to iron. One has to identify the right combination and get the right colors to appeal to the eyes. Starting a jewelry business is not rocking science, but it also isn’t a piece of cake. An entrepreneur must now what he’s dealing with. You need to have all the information related to your field and then hire your workers wisely.

Katia Zingarevich photo via Flickr


Bags and purses are not only a fashion accessory but also a need for both men and women. Whether it’s a hand carry or a clutch, if you’ve the right skills at hand and knowledge about the fashion industry, your handmade bags can be sold profitably. However, one must make sure that the bags are neatly and carefully stitched to offer a tidy look.

Scarves and Hats

These are one of the best-selling handmade items in the market right now. A handmade scarf and that made on a sewing machine differs enormously and the same goes for a hat. One can knit or crotch, or use a fabric and stitch it or do embroidery on a scarf. The techniques of knitting and crotching can also be used for handmade hats.


For a cold area, a business of quilts and blankets will surely be of profit. Handmade quilts are known for their craftsmanship and attractive cuts. The traditional type are especially quite popular among the people. One can offer personalization option to attract more customers.

Picture Frames

Pictures are one of the most personalized items in homes and when you’re looking for a frame, you definitely require the one which gives a personal touch to the picture or just compliments it. Picture frames are also one of the best-selling handmade items. Plain frames can never compete personalized handmade frames.

Author: Brandon King

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