Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

The Best Camera Equipment to Document an Ever-Changing World With

We live in an era of constant change, loud noise, and thousands of sources vying for our limited attention. At times it can be extremely difficult to find the signal in the noise, to filter through the 24/7 media broadcasts that capture our attention to find only that which matters. We have an unprecedented amount of sources of information to pay attention to, and because of this it can be difficult to filter out the noise and identify only what matters.

This battle for our attention is as true when it comes to viewing the media as it is when it comes to selecting products. With the battle raging between adblock and advertisers and products screaming “me too” at us from every web page we visit, it can be seriously difficult to uncover the real gems worth investing in.

As The Global Dispatch works to keep the truth in the headlines and bring an accurate view of the news to readers like you, we decided to use our background in photojournalism to explain how you can select the best camera gear to meet the needs of our ever-evolving world.

The Selfie Stick

Yes, this is a serious recommendation.

You might be shaking your head at the audacity of us recommending a selfie stick, but the reality is that these things can make capturing special moments incredibly easy for aspiring photographers and world travelers. With the right selfie stick you can do a lot more than just shoot selfies of yourself in the mirror.

For example, you can use a selfie stick to Vlog, which is shorthand for video-logging. Using a good selfie-stick can make the difference between viewers feeling like they are a bit too up close and personal for comfort and having a shot with abundant contrast and depth.

A Good Point and Shoot

amazing-spider-man-2-set-photo Phil camera operatorA point and shoot camera is an essential for travelers on the go wishing to capture the action without spending the time setting up a cumbersome DSLR. Point and shoot cameras are typically smaller than DSLRs and can fit in virtually any size of pocket, meaning they can be withdrawn and shot as needed when the moment arises. This smaller size is the single biggest advantage that a point and shoot offers and its main point of differentiation between a DSLR cam, which tends to be bulkier and not nearly as mobile as a good point and shoot.

For point and shoot brands, we personally have had good experiences with the Sony RX1000 III. We’d also recommend checking out the Canon Powershot series, as well as the Panasonic Lumix, which gives photographers tremendous bang for their bucks. Each of the cameras just listed can be purchased for under $1000 USD. While they certainly aren’t “cheap”, they pack a punch, and the best of them rival more expensive DSLRs. The image quality from each of these cameras is good, but it is exceptional in the case of the RX1000, which is better than many entry-level DSLRs. While most point and shoots aren’t going to rival DSLRs when it comes to overall quality of image, the RX1000 is a best-in-class exception that punches well above its weight.

A DSLR That Won’t Break

If you have read this far, then there is a good chance that you are an aspiring photographer who has already purchased a DSLR, or digital single-lens reflex camera. If you haven’t yet invested in one, here are a few options for you to consider. Canon creates some great DSLRs, and we recently dove through a few of the most recent models in a review here, where we had the Rebel T5 vs T5i compared by a few of our photographers in the field. After our comparison, we’d say that the T5 emerged as the clear winner, but there are plenty of other options in the field for you photogs out there to consider. As DSLRs are There is a wide world of cameras beyond just the Rebel series, so definitely do you research and don’t only consider one option.

A Solid Bag

If you are going to be lugging your gear around, then it’s worth spending the money to invest in a good camera bag. There are a number of products on the market so we’ll avoid making too many specific recommendations here, but there are a few products you might want to check out. If you pick up a product from Billingham, Chrome, or Domke you’ll likely be very satisfied with what you get.

A Sense of Adventure

As a roaming photojournalist, it’s essential that you maintain a sense of adventure about your work. While it is easy to feel weighed down with cameras and with the trappings of the modern world, sometimes all you need to do is sit back and enjoy a sunset to remember why you started doing this in the first place- for the joy of it.

Guest Author: David Kain


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