Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2018

The Benefits Of Taking Out A Car Title Loan

There are plenty of reasons why you may suddenly need cash in a hurry. You may have unexpected medical expenses, or have lost a job and need money to pay your bills. Whatever the reason, getting funds on short notice can be tough for a lot of people. If you have less than perfect credit or you don’t have time to wait for a traditional personal loan to be processed, you should consider a car title loan.

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This type of loan is considered to be secured. You have the option of offering up a vehicle that you own as collateral on a loan amount. With the lender already having an assured method of repayment if you can’t pay the loan back, the process can be much easier and faster. With something that they can sell if you default on the loan, the conditions for lending are often much more flexible.

Avoid having to go through a high rate payday lender that can keep you trapped in the loan cycle indefinitely. With a car title loan you can have cash in very little time on much better terms and with lower interest and fees. If you want to know how much you may qualify to borrow, you can use this easy car title loan calculator to get an idea of where you are at. Take a look at some of the benefits of taking out a car title loan when you need some quick cash.

Save Money

If your only other lending option is to deal with a high interest payday loan service, this could keep you in more debt than when you started. With a car title loan you are already securing the amount with your collateral, so you can be offered much better lending terms. Interest rates are lower and you can expect longer repayment plans.


A car title loan can actually help you to establish or repair your current credit. If you have trouble getting any credit with traditional personal loans, a secured car title loan can allow you to build up your existing rating or repair old credit damage. Because the loan is already secured, your current credit rating is not as big as a deciding consideration as it is in other loans. So even if you have less than perfect credit, you may still qualify for this type of arrangement.


With payday loans, you generally have only a short time to make your repayment. This often can lead to further debt requests and a rollover of your balance until you are in real trouble. With a car title loan, you can choose the length of your terms and repayment schedule. Make sure that you are comfortable with your plan to ensure that you will have no issues with paying back the loan.

Meets Your Needs

When things happen unexpectedly in life, you want to have an option to handle things as quickly as possible. A secured car title loan can be processed very quickly and get you cash in your hand in no time at all. Your loan amount is based on up to 50% of your car’s estimated value and that money can be used for anything that you need without restriction.

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