Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

The Benefits of Supply Chain Headhunting

At the heart of every enterprise are staff members, and if they cannot do their job right, it can lead to a negative impact on the company. It means that recruiting the right team for the job is critical; especially at the board or management level. Executive search is all about referring the best and most experienced candidates that can fill high-ranking positions.

Why use a Recruiter?

At first, when most organizations plan to search for qualified C- level executives, they rely on their human resource departments to carry out, initiate and complete the search process. If that’s your plan, understand that the HR department executives are not specialized in executive search. When faced with major challenges in the selection of senior management team, SMEs and startups engage the experience of procurement headhunters. For instance, the company may experience a growth phase and want to access to candidates with the right skills.

handshake photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay

handshake photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay

For businesses looking to fill the highest paying roles, there is a high need for using specialist headhunters like Stone Executive for supply chain leadership roles in order to seek out the best prospective employees. For candidates, headhunters are a great source for finding great jobs that are not posted on the internet. The job of a headhunter is to seek out candidates, pre-interview top quality talent, and connect the talent with the employer.

Executive search (headhunting) is all about identifying, sourcing, and selecting the top three best candidates for any role. Headhunters are professionals in their niche bearing deep and personal connections and networks. With their expertise, they add value to the search and shortlisting process. They take their time to understand the remit, culture, and company background fully.

The Major Benefits of Headhunters

  • Thorough research: headhunters understand the skills and abilities a certain company needs. They deeply understand the terms and concepts of the company before setting forth for the search. An in-depth briefing document about the candidate is then written, covering the role, the person, and many more details. More so, they follow a thorough approach when promoting employees in the market, and ensure they have the right talent for every company.
  • Successful executive search: Headhunters have processes that enable them to work with speed and efficiency in the executive placement. The three processes involved in the search include defining the project, designing a recruiting plan, and recruiting and screening candidates. One worthwhile aspect of these firms is that they are comprised of high-level executive search professionals. The search recruitment is done by the headhunters and never handed to the lower –level associates. This enables a smooth recruitment because a successful placement of good fitting executives is done in the first place.
  • Professional, personalized service: Headhunters offer personalized services. They use high-level employees to conduct the executive search. Because the firm does not have to escalate decisions through several supervisory levels, employer efficiency is increased.
  • Great results are achieved quickly with expertise: Headhunters deliver sustainable and measurable results. While companies are excellent at defining the C-level executives they need, headhunters are excellent at executive searches. Due to the long-term successful searches, headhunters can explain how long a search may take, and what it entails.
  • Hiring is guaranteed: Using a headhunting firm yields desirable results. With a strong emphasis on success, these firms ensure they find the best fitting candidate for the position. Headhunters are known for achieving perfect and on-budget project completion.
  • Professional recruiters at supply chain headhunting are up to speed on the current trends, salaries, and hiring demands in the top most management job market.
  • Headhunters describe and define the position best: A professional recruiter can help you understand the talent you need. They know what is in the market and can, therefore, coach you on the realism of the described position, and the cost of the talent needed.
  • A headhunter will keep any employer focused: The fact that LinkedIn makes candidates more accessible does not make your searches easier. A recruiter will by all means lead you to the right candidate with great scrutiny.
  • Time and cost are saved: The moment a company diverts its attention into the search of executives, not only will time be consumed, but a lot of finances will also be put into it. Do you really want to hire executives that have their resumes posted on LinkedIn and Facebook?

Choosing Your Headhunters

Choosing a reliable headhunting company can be an important decision for any company. Finding the right executive for the given position, be it a CEO or CFO can greatly help a company to achieve its full potential. Note that headhunters will always attract the right candidates to your company. If you seriously need professional employees, and you know that is what drives profit and results, why not focus on professionals who will have the interest of your company’s needs at heart?

There is simply no substitute for the comprehensive outreach that headhunters perform in the recruitment process. Working with them can make the search more efficient and free current board members to focus on more important work of the organization. These firms have resume screening tools that streamline the hiring process. This ensures that the organization does not lose sight of the set objectives.

Also, understand that headhunters can promise confidentiality and objectivity. These are the two basics that are never guaranteed in an internal executive search. When discretion is paramount, a headhunting firm can conduct research and get the right candidates without sharing your organization’s name and sensitive details. In fact, given that these firms trade in very sensitive information in many occasions in the public domain, they ensure that if certain information is meant to stay private is stays as so.

It is necessary to understand that the supply chain and procurement function of an organization has a great impact on operational efficiency, service delivery, and profitability. For this reason, it is your duty as a company to hire competent firms that can attract high-caliber executives that will devise innovative new solutions to the advantage of your company. What your company needs are talents that can deliver results and create long-term value. While at it, consider hiring Stone Executive. This firm has a well-established supply chain and procurement practice.

Consultants here have a wealth of practical experience in the industry meaning they deeply understand the challenges firms face when recruiting talents. Stone Executive lays emphasis on executive level appointments, but can also help to source and appoint talented senior and middle management professionals. For your recruitment needs and procurement and supply chain executive search, please contact the team on 0800 130 3026.

For more details, visit http://www.stoneexecutive.co.uk/industries-and-functions/function/procurement-and-supply-chain-executive-search.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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