Published On: Mon, Jul 20th, 2015

The Advantages of Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets and Comforters

While cotton bedding has been the standard for many years, bamboo bed sheets and comforters offer many advantages over traditional cotton bedding.

What advantages does bamboo have over cotton?

Well, organic bamboo bedding is softer, more comfortable, healthier, and more environmentally friendly than traditional bedding sets.

Don’t believe us?

Below are the reasons behind why organic bamboo bedding has all of these advantages over cotton bedding.

Softer and More Comfortable

Bamboo bed sheets and comforters are surprisingly soft. In fact, bamboo is even softer than cotton and has a smooth texture similar to silk. In addition to the fabric being softer, organic bamboo bedding is more comfortable than traditional bedding sets because it regulates your body temperature better.

Bamboo is able to better regulate your body temperature because it wicks moisture away twice as fast as cotton and reduces the humidity in your bed. As we all know, humidity cause you to feel colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Since bamboo reduces humidity, you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the same bamboo bed sheets and comforter.

bamboo bedding photo/ Cozy Earth

bamboo bedding photo/ Cozy Earth


In addition to being softer and more comfortable, organic bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo bed sheets and comforters are naturally antibacterial because they decrease the factors conducive to bacterial growth. For instance, bacteria love warm, moist environments and as we saw above, bamboo bedding reduces the level of humidity in your bed. Without moisture, bacteria can’t grow and thrive, leaving your bed a healthier, germ-free zone.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic bamboo bed sheets and an organic comforter are environmentally friendly, just as their name implies. Organic bamboo bedding is environmentally friendly because bamboo is a renewable resource and doesn’t need pesticides to protect it.

Since bamboo is an extremely fast growing grass, with some varieties growing over a foot a day, it is easy to grow and replace. Bamboo also doesn’t require much water or fertilizer, making it even easier to grow. These qualities make bamboo the perfect material to use as a renewable resource.

Additionally, bamboo doesn’t require pesticides to protect it as it grows. Since bamboo doesn’t need pesticides, you reduce the amount of CO2 emissions being sent into the atmosphere and cause global climate change. In contrast, cotton (the material used in traditional bedding) requires an immense amount of pesticides to protect it. By choosing bamboo fabric over cotton, you’re not only choosing a softer, more comfortable, and healthier fabric, but you are also choosing a bed set that helps the environment.


If you buy bamboo bed sheets and a king size bamboo comforter for your bed, you’ll have a softer, more comfortable, healthier, and more environmentally friendly bedding than ever before. Where can you find organic bamboo bedding on sale? Look no further than Cozy Earth!

Written by: Dana Smith

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    I wonder what is the feeling using this organic bamboo bed sheets?

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