Published On: Fri, Sep 11th, 2020

The 7 Consequences of Uncomfortable Sleep

They say every action has an equal and opposite reaction and this cannot be any truer for sleeping patterns. When you sleep comfortably, you will enjoy your nights and your health will be generally good.  You know how bad you feel after a night of uncomfortable sleep? There are some effects that you will feel instantly after waking up while some will take time to show. The following are some of the consequences of uncomfortable sleeping.

  1. Drowsiness

While it might be normal to feel a little drowsy in the afternoon or the early hours of the evening, waking up tired could be as a result of inadequate, uncomfortable bedding. An uncomfortable mattress or low-quality sheets will lead to you waking up drowsy, and this can significantly affect your day’s productivity. Therefore it will be beneficial to invest in the appropriate bedding, a memory foam mattress with bamboo bedding will provide the comfort you need to rest enough before a new day starts to have enough energy to go through the day.

  1. Back Pain

A lot of people suffer from different types of back pain and this is one of the main reasons why there are mattresses made specifically for back pain relief. If you were not dealing with back pain and it suddenly appears after changing a mattress or sleeping surface, the surface might be the main cause of the pain. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is one of the major causes of back pain and this is why you should always choose a mattress that encourages comfort and support.

Most of the people who complain about back pain are sleeping on sagging mattresses. photo/ Mattress Life

Most of the people who complain about back pain are sleeping on sagging mattresses. photo/ Mattress Life

  1. Obesity

Uncomfortable sleeping means bad sleeping habits and inadequate sleep. Experts have stated that people who sleep uncomfortably have a higher tendency of waking up in the middle of the night to snack and this might lead to overeating which will result in obesity. When you are sleeping comfortably, there is a high chance that you will only wake up when you hear the alarm.

  1. Weakened Immunity

When you don’t have enough sleep, you tend to fall ill more often. The lack of sleep because of uncomfortable beds can weaken your immune system and leave you prone to illnesses. People who experience uncomfortable sleeping do not sleep enough and this means that their immunity will be too weak to fight illnesses such as common cold and fevers. Also, old uncomfortable mattresses have a lot of dust and other allergens that might make you sick.

  1. Memory Problems

After a night of uncomfortable sleeping, you will have issues with your memory. For your body to function properly, it needs to work and rest with equal measures. Without a comfortable bed, you will have sleepless night or night full of disruptions and this will affect your brain’s capacity to remember things.

  1. Premature Aging

‘Beauty sleep’ is a term we use a lot but most people do not know what it means. A cosmetic company made observations that people who sleep most comfortable have the youngest skin. If you stay awake because of an uncomfortable mattress, chances are that your skin might age faster than it should. This is why you need to sleep as comfortable as you can to prevent appearing a lot older than you are.

  1. Joint Pain

When you are on your bed, there are parts, mostly joints, that are under more pressure and if there is inadequate support, chances are that you will have sore painful joints. Poor posture can also contribute to this problem and this is why you need to choose a mattress that is comfortable for your sleeping position. The mattress should also provide support to your body to reduce the pressure points that might cause pain and soreness.

Sleep is the fundamental need of us humans. Not matter how many cups of coffee you had, you sleep need to sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia or other sleep related issues, you need to look into your condition today. Not only is less sleep bad for your health, but can have fatal consequences too. So think today!  

Author: Sophia Moore

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