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The 5 Most Popular Dental Services

The dental industry is an essential part our health.

Having a presentable set of teeth and an awesome smile is very important to most people around the globe. They help you leave a good first impression both socially and professionally.

Like all good and important things, good dental health comes at a great cost. You have to visit your dentist every six months for dental checkups and oral cleanings. Not to mention any dental care you may need in between where you pay for an expensive dental procedure.

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To understand how you can benefit from your next visit to the dentist, here is an overview of the most common and essential services offered by most dental clinics.

  1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a very straightforward concept.

As you age, your teeth darken naturally. The darkening can also be accelerated by the foods you take (such as black tea), teeth injuries and taking drugs. Teeth can also lose their beautiful white appearance through staining and discoloration caused by substances such cigarette smoke and tetracycline.

To improve the appearance of the discolored teeth, a dentist carries out a procedure called teeth whitening. The procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

  1. Teeth extraction

This is a very common procedure.

It is the process of removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw. The most common reasons for teeth extraction are broken teeth, physical injury to the jaw and tooth damage caused by excessive decay. Also, people with extra teeth that block normal teeth from sprouting normally need to have the excess teeth extracted.

The procedure takes less than an hour to finish, and the dentist uses anesthetics to numb the area around the affected tooth or teeth. This reduces the amount of pain you endure.

  1. Fillings and repair

When a tooth is damaged, it doesn’t have to be extracted. It can be repaired.

Teeth can be repaired if they have been damaged by trauma, cavities or teeth decay. The dentist uses a cavity detecting dye, laser cavity detection tools or Xrays to find out whether you need a filling or repair.

Most procedures use a tooth-colored composite filling to fill cavities or breakages. The resin used to fill the teeth looks and feels like normal teeth, so you’ll not feel a huge difference between the repaired teeth and your normal teeth.

  1. Dental implants and bridges

Bridges are used when a false tooth crown is attached to either or both sides of the open gap. The bridge is held firm by attaching it to the adjacent teeth. This procedure can be done on one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants, on the other hand, consist of metal frames that are surgically screwed into the jawbone. Their method of attachment into the jaw is similar to that of normal teeth, meaning that the resulting implants are almost as firm as your real teeth.

  1. Dental caps

Dental caps are also called crowns.

They are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over teeth. They are meant to cover a tooth to facilitate the restoration of the tooth to its right size, shape, appearance, and strength. The caps are cemented into place and encase the entire visible part of the teeth. It’s important to note that these crowns are placed just above the gum line, meaning that they only cover the visible white section of the teeth.

The crowns can be made from metal, porcelain or a combination of materials. They also vary in density and appearance since they are used for different functions.

They are meant to protect teeth from breaking, to hold a dental bridge, to cover discolored or stained teeth, to cover dental implants or to make cosmetic modifications that improve your appearance. In special circumstances, the crowns are also used to hold together parts of a broken or cracked tooth to avoid further damage and facilitate the healing of the affected teeth.


Visiting a doctor while you don’t know what possible procedures they’ll carry out is not advisable since it prevents you from being prepared beforehand.

It means that you will go to the dentist without knowing the price of the procedures, which can be disappointing if you find out that you cannot afford the services.

In addition, not knowing the available services means that you can visit a dentist only to find out that they don’t offer the service you’re looking for.

To be on the safe side, know what local dental networks are in your area and learn what services they offer beforehand. For example, The Mexico Dental Network lists all their reputable dentists and the services they offer. This means that if you need dental implants in Tijuana Mexico, the network is the best place to start since you know that they offer the services, and also have a list of dental clinics that offer the service.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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