Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

The 5 Biggest Vehicle Recalls of 2015

The majority of recalls on defective cars and trucks are due to relatively harmless mechanical issues which require only minor repair work to fix. But sometimes automotive recalls are a response to issues that could potentially put drivers, passengers and the public at serious bodily risk. These can cause long legal battles between auto manufacturers and anyone who comes in contact with the defective product.

This year has seen more than its fair share of automobile recalls. Some of these have damaged brand reputations, put people in harm’s way and have caused serious injury as well as numerous deaths.

Here is a brief rundown of the biggest and most alarming automobile recalls of 2015.

5. Defective Ford Control Module

The Ford Motor Company has been forced to recall over 430,000 Focus, Escape, and C-Max models due to a malfunctioning body control module which has caused the vehicles to continue running even after the ignition has been switched to the off position. Thankfully, there have been no injury reports so far. Models recalled include many which were sold in early 2014 up to July of 2015.

4. Toyota Hybrid & Prius Software Fault

Toyota recalled more than half a million hybrid cars including its well-known Prius hybrid in July. The recall affects cars sold all over the world. It was issued due to a software glitch that can cause the electrical system to suddenly shut down. This unexpected power loss is considered to be a safety risk. Toyota is concerned that the software may also cause overheating. They speculate that it may cause electronic systems to burn out, thereby triggering the malfunction.

photo  by Mariordo

photo by Mariordo

3. GM Lift Gate Malfunction

GM is currently recalling more than 750,000 vehicles due to a malfunction of the liftgate latch mechanism. These power-operated lift gates have been failing, unexpectedly falling, striking people, and causing injury. The lift-gate recall affects models sold from as far back as 2007 up to 2012. GM has stated they believe debris which gathers in the struts has caused most of the failures. Thus far, GM has received as many as 56 injury claims related to the lift-gate recall.

2. GM Ignition Switch Error

This recall began in 2014 and no fewer than 124 approved claims have been registered as of July, this year. The ignition switch error recall has affected more than 2.5 million vehicles sold around that time. More than 2 million of these cars were sold in the United States. The faulty ignition switch causes a loss of power which then causes the steering column to lock up, sending vehicles off road uncontrollably. An additional danger is a problem with the airbags which may not function properly during a crash that is likely to occur when the vehicle is moving while not operating under power.

1. Takata Airbag Malfunction

The Takata Airbag recall is the biggest recall in U.S. auto manufacturing history. Nearly 30 million cars and trucks in the U.S. from 10 manufacturers were recalled. Both the driver and passenger airbags subject to the recall were sold between 2002 and 2008. They pose an explosion hazard due to a defective inflator mechanism which could suddenly ignite.

Eight individuals were killed from the explosions, and more than 100 were injured. The error propelled shrapnel toward passengers and drivers, causing death and injury. The affected manufacturers include Ford, GM, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, and Toyota.
Persons seeking restitution from Takata’s compensation fund were required to file their complaints by January 31st of this year. Currently, the company is appraising as many as 4,000 claims of death and injury.

A Vehicle Identification Number search for anyone who may own a vehicle subject to these recalls is being offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Recalls can affect anyone unexpectedly at any time. Drivers are advised to take any measure available to them in order to lower their risk for accidents and road related injury of all kinds. By enrolling in an online defensive driving course, drivers can learn to become better, more informed drivers. Those who take and perform well in such courses can also receive additional discounts to their insurance premiums. Anyone who has already received a traffic citation, depending on their state of residence, may be able to avoid accumulating points on their driver’s licenses by taking an accredited traffic school course.

Guest Author: Lolita Di


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