Published On: Sat, May 18th, 2019

The 3D Printing Revolution Has Begun

Did you know that 3D printing is older than the internet? The 3D printing industry, which has been around since 1980s, is expected to grow to more than 32 billion dollars by 2023, as per a report by Forbes. This would mean that the industry will have grown by 25% in 5 years. Clearly, 3D Printing revolution is well-underway.

3D printing has broken down all barriers by bringing new highly agile techniques and some of the latest materials. It has made it possible to make parts with forms that people couldn’t even imagine before, says, Premier Ship Model, a reputed manufacturer of 3D printed ship models and RC boats.

For creating 3D products, layers of material are laid down in succession in a printer. Thus, this process is also called “additive manufacturing.” Prototypes and parts being produced by 3D printers are used in a number of industries. Aerospace, construction, automotive and dentistry are some of them. Here are some ways in which the 3D printing is revolutionizing the market.

New Opportunities for Small Companies

3D printing has become easier and more cost-effective in the past few years, resulting in the emergence of new opportunities. In the coming few years, small businesses will be able to go online and tap into all sorts of production lines, irrespective of where they are located, thereby feeding into the global manufacturing chain.    

Much Faster Production

In the past, when there were no washing machines, people had to spend a lot of time in washing their clothes. But, now all they need to do is click a few buttons, saving time and mental energy that can be used for other tasks. Similarly, 3D printing has drastically reduced the time it takes for implementation of designs, processes and techniques. The companies that make 3D scale models of ships, planes, trains etc have especially benefited from this.

photo courtesy Premier Ship Models

Freedom from Outdated Techniques

3D printing allows the manufacturer to do some unimaginable things. For instance, you can have circuits printed within plastic now. Previously, engineers had less creative freedom while designing due to the usage of molds, dyes and water-jetting for manufacturing. All of this has changed. Now, they can customize their design ideas without having to keep the manufacturing process in mind.

Manufacture Parts Yourself

3D printing can eliminate manufacturing’s dependency on location. If you need parts, you won’t have to go to a production plant if you have a 3D printer with you. You can just print them yourself. For instance, a navy ship wouldn’t need to take a replacement inventory with them if they have a 3D printer.

Big Companies are Embracing Change

The disruptive nature of 3D printing has resulted in big companies being more flexible. They have become more open to new ideas.

3D Printing is transforming all markets, but it has shaken manufacturing to the core. With 3D printing becoming cheaper in the past few years, small companies are now able to manufacture in faster and more efficient ways and grow their business.

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