Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2018

Thailand’s Immigration Detention Center facing charges of violating human rights

(International Christian Concern) –Bangkok’s infamous Immigration Detention Center is a holding facility in Thailand for people who are caught trying to stay illegally in the country. Only one of 22 facilities, many Pakistani refugees find themselves caught in this notorious detention center.

The detention center takes a huge toll of many refugees. The individuals in this facility are only given four hours outside their cell a week. They live in overcrowded quads, typically with around 100 people in the size of a living room. With only 2 squat toilets and one area for bucket baths to remain clean sanitation is a huge issue. Diseases like scabies and tuberculous spread like wildfire among the people and sleeping on cold floors with no padding does not help ease the pain of the sick. One individual said that “Time passes very slowly in there. You wake up, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, sleep.” To make matters worse there is no set amount of time people remain in the detention center. Many stay for years while other stay for weeks. A few have even stayed for over a decade before being resettled into a third country.

The food is the same every day, for every meal. Rice with either cucumber soup or bamboo shoots. Yet, some of the detainees stated that the officers in the facility were kind, despite the poor condition. One man, stated that on Christmas some of the officers brought the detainees cake.

Human rights groups have been advocating on behalf of the conditions in this facility for years, but little to no progress has been made on improving the condition. One foreign rights advocate described the condition as “degrading, unclean, and overcrowded!” Currently, there are over 70 Christians from Pakistan living in the center.

Sadly, adults are not the only ones who undergo such cruel treatment in the center. Approximately 100 children are living here as well, including infants. Most of the children become sickly, as they lack the opportunity and freedom to play outside and with friends. The children, are mostly kept with their mothers and in cells with other women and children, but remain in the inhumane filthy cells that only lead to unsanitary living conditions and disease.

Earlier this month, Chinese activist Qu Yuhua started a hunger strike in protest of the detention center. Wu along with her husband were recognized as refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In a video, that she created while she was inside the dentition center, she stated “I am an innocent refugee.”

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