Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Texas Rep Louis Gohmert mocked by atheists for attacking Robert Mueller, ’round up’ those who leaked

Rep. Louis Gohmert went on Fox News and gave an intense interview over the allegations against President Trump, wanting to “round up” and fire anyone James Comey talked to about Trump’s actions.

quite a hysterical performance about an alleged conspiracy against Trump at the Department of Justice. Specifically, he wants to “round up” and fire anyone Comey talked to about Trump’s actions.

“I believe I heard him say he did the memo [about possible obstruction of justice] then he talked with some of his colleagues,” Gohmert insisted to Fox News host Julie Banderas. “We need to round up everybody he talked to because they were all conspiring against the president and all conspiring against their oath of office, conspiring against their own employment agreement.”

Louis Gohmert, next Speaker of the House? photo/ donkeyhotey

“We have a conspiracy remaining afoot in the Department of Justice that is going to be out to destroy this president and they’ve got to be fired, if not worse,” he added.

Atheists attacked Gohmert as “the single dumbest man in Congress” as the Texas Rep took aim at Robert Mueller and his assumed “great record.”

Gohmert criticized Mueller for having started a five-year “up or out” program at the FBI. “I believe it is because he wanted nothing but yes-people in the FBI.”

According to Gohmert, the policy meant that people in supervisory positions in the field would either have to leave after five years or come to work in Washington as a “minion” and a “robot.”

Gohmert also slammed Mueller for overseeing a purge of “anti-Muslim” documents from FBI training materials.

“This man had the FBI training materials purged,” Gohmert said. “He did a lot of damage and a lot of Americans are dead as a result of the purging of their training materials.”

“His policies got Americans killed all over the country,” said Gohmert, “because he started an outreach program to the Muslim Brotherhood, to CAIR. He and his FBI gathered evidence for 20 years that showed that people involved with some of the organizations that he ultimately coddled were responsible for plans to bring down the United States.”

“Thank you Mr. Mueller,” he said. “You’ve gotten a lot of people killed. And I hope and pray that your time as special prosecutor ends very, very quickly before you do more national damage.”

Gohmert said he had initially been hopeful about Mueller’s replacement at the FBI, James Comey, until “we began to see the handwriting on the wall.”

He said Comey is “good friends” with Mueller. “Clearly they don’t like Donald J. Trump,” he said. “Clearly they would like to see his administration fail. And there’ll be information that I expect to be coming out in the next few months that will show the depth of the disdain that they had.”

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