Published On: Mon, Jul 6th, 2015

Texas man, Nicholas Paul Amrine, arrested for terroristic threats on Facebook

A Fort Worth, Texas man was arrested last week after making some rather frightening threats on his Facebook page against a group of people at the Convergence Church. He was charged with a 3rd felony county of Terroristic Threat-Intent to Influence, according to the arrest warrant.

Nicholas Paul Amrine/Facebook

Nicholas Paul Amrine/Facebook

19-year-old Nicholas Paul Amrine used his Facebook account to make the threats against the unnamed kids. An Associate Pastor with the Ft. Worth based church went to police with concerns over the messages.

On June 3, Amrine posted on his Facebook page the following:

All the kids that forgot about me are going to get what they deserve. I may have been hesitant in the past but next time u see me I will not hesitate about anything. It will be over in a flash, it will be over in a bang, u will see my face, and then nothing else ever again. U may not even remember my name but u will remember my face. Then u will try to apologize but there will not be any time for u to talk. U had your friends and u did fun things but u did not invite me even once. I am not just mad. I am on fire and this fire is going to end it all. U will never have a chance to leave someone alone again. U say u love others but really u love only those who fit into your circle and u never talk to the misfits. The misfits will all live except for me. But the ones that get what they deserve, will… And that includes me. All the pain I cause will end in the end for all of us except those who are already left out. Then they can be the leaders! They will have the circle. And they will do things right because they really do love others. But I won’t let people like you ruin this generation. I will end this hypocrisy. They will do it right because they have a pure heart and u are all faking that u do. Your heart is more evil than mine because u are selfish and ignorant! People like u will ruin our generation so I won’t let that happen. I have to make a statement to this country. I must end hypocrisy once and for all!!!!!

Numerous other hateful rants were posted on June 2, which included one that ended with, “I dont forget people who wronged me, like [censored] he will never get a chance to read this because he will be dead by me before this is discovered.”

amrine threatIn addition, the police report (obtained by local media) states that witnesses say that Amrine said in a text message he planned on carrying out a mass shooting of “13 people like Columbine” on 7/22/15 at 910.

There was also a picture of him holding a weapon with the caption “Run up on me. I dare ya.”

He apparently had issues with the church itself, in a review he writes:

I have gone here since February of 2003 and here is my final review. 

BEWARE: people at Convergence are highly unloving, stuck up, and refuse to walk with you if you are struggling in life. Me and my parents have gone there forever and my parents have faithfully given hundreds of dollars a month only for their son to be rejected by the elders. I have struggled in life and all I get is small talk but nobody wants deep conversation. If u want deep conversation u have to set up an appointment with the staff and elders, which are mostly unfair. This place used to be highly spiritual but since 2008 it has slowly turned into a greedy business which is more like a ponzi scheme if people would really pay attention. I was struggling with some sin in my life and I was unfriended by basically everyone that goes there and 99% of them didn’t even attempt to reach out. In my opinion, this church will end up turning u into a very worldly person and your dreams and hopes that God has given you, will be crushed! Also they are not led by the holy spirit but they are led by what I like to call the “wolf” spirit. The leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they all have nice houses with nice cars and the offerings are so they can have as much sex and as many kids as they want and u are paying for all their kids food and college expenses. Me and my mom have been thrown away constantly and my dad is ignored and only gets deep conversation from one of the pastors. And he has to set up an appointment because they do not live in the spirit but they live by their own selfish agenda. This place ruined my life. If I would have gone somewhere that had more loving people I don’t think I ever would have gotten suicidal, depressed, and used drugs. You will be highly uncared for and all u will get is a bogus “how are u” but they are not willing to help if u are doing unwell.

Nicholas Paul Amrine/Facebook

Nicholas Paul Amrine/Facebook

Convergence Church has a congregation of some 600 or more people during a normal service.

After being released on bond, Amrine apologized using the same medium he issued the threats with:

I apologize to everyone for what I said back on June 3rd.

That is not who I am and I would never do such a thing. The things I posted on Facebook were wrong and I should have never done that.

I love people and I would never hurt myself. I would never hurt other people or animals.

Please forgive me for being so cruel.

Sincerely, Nicholas Paul Amrine.

Two days later he writes: It doesn’t feel like a free country knowing I could be going to prison for up to 10 years over a Facebook post…

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