Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

Texas Episcopalian minister Clay Lein recounts conversion from atheism through ‘prayer time’

An ordained Episcopalian minister who is now the rector of St John the Divine in Houston, ministering to over 4,000 members shared his amazing testimony and conversion from atheism in a new interview.

“I had a very rational mind. It had to be logical. I needed proof. There had to be evidence. And if there wasn’t proof then it was just something people made up,” Lein told KHOU Channel 11 News, Clay Lein said of his need for logic and material proof that God exists.

“Why would I need God? I mean, if he even existed why would I have any need for him,” he explained of his mindset through college, getting an MBA and finding success.

Clay Lein  photo/ Facebook

Clay Lein photo/ Facebook

Lein recounts the invitation from his wife to go to church and he obliged to “meet nice people” and how the journey led him to volunteer at a youth camp in Arizona. There he was put on the spot to pray over kids and the words began to flow.

“In between the sobs she begins to share that her uncle was abusing her,” he said of one teenager during his prayer. “And that she hadn’t been able to tell anybody else until that moment. That’s when I think…something clicked for me.”

“A question I had for God. if you can do that, with my life, if I get out of my way for just 15 minutes, what could you do with my whole life If I got out of your way with all of it.”

“God was relevant and he really wanted to do amazing things in my life. I became a Christian that day. And I heard a voice, and it wasn’t Charleton Heston, it was more a thought that comes up and often times it sounds like Clay’s voice but it was definitely God. And it was….’try me.'”

The electrical engineer was ordained in 1996 and “after serving as a deacon in South Carolina and rector at a church in Plano, he helped begin a new congregation in Frisco north of Dallas in 2002, helping grow the church to 1,400 members. A year ago the pastor search team from St. John the Divine came calling but Lein said he was happy where he was,” the article chronicled.


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  1. RandyW says:

    Surprise, surprise…an engineer. 🙂

    How skeptical and rational is a person when another has a deep emotional experience and says, “Well, clearly this means that a magical invisible universe-creating wizard exists, and obviously it’s this particular one?” You can’t claim to be rational and recount a complete abdication of critical thinking and acceptance of outlandish claims as true without any evidence. At least, not honestly.

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