Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2019

‘Terminator Dark Fate’ News: Tim Miller and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss the new film as details emerge

During a new interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about working with James Cameron and director Tim Miller (Deadpool) on the new film in the Terminator franchise: Terminator: Dark Fate, due in theaters later this year.

Speaking with The Arnold Fans at the Arnold Sports Festival, Schwarzenegger said he was reluctant to reveal much about the film itself, but started by confirming that they’ve “successfully completed filming of it in Budapest,” for which he spent three months in the city.

The famous actor heaped praise onto Miller, saying he was “very, very talented” and well organized and “a pleasure to work with,” saying he can see why Deadpool was so successful.

He said Miller is “an expert with visual effects and special effects and with stunts” and was very comfortable coming into a veteran franchise and taking command of all the actors, young and old.

Arnold is not the only star from the franchise who is back, Linda Hamilton also returns to reprise her role as Sarah Connor and Cameron is working very close with the production to steer the franchise in the right direction.

“It was a very interesting film to do with Tim, the dynamic, between him and with Jim Cameron producing. So Jim Cameron is right now directing Avatar films so he’s taken on this enormous challenge and he’s very busy with that BUT he’s a control freak and as you know, Terminator is kind of his baby, so he does get involved in the filming so there were interesting discussions about which direction to go with a certain scene or how the dialogue should finish or what the certain look should be of an individual and all that stuff so there was a big collaboration between Jim and Tim Miller. I feel it was in good hands with both of them.”

Hamilton’s story will continue after the events in T2 as  Cameron has said the film will reflect “what time and dealing with these tragic futures has done to her — how it’s hardened her even more and in a way made her much stronger. Maybe less likeable…But stronger.”

Cameron explained, “This is a continuation of the story from Terminator one and Terminator 2. And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream. Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multiverse. This was really driven more by [Tim] than anybody, surprisingly, because I came in pretty agnostic about where we took it. The only thing I insisted on was that we somehow revamp it and reinvent it for the 21st century.”

“I think two things should bring peace of mind to any Terminator fan because it’s what brought me peace of mind: that Jim was coming back and that Linda Hamilton is coming back,” Miller told SYFY WIRE at SXSW (during a longer chat about his new Netflix series, Love, Death & Robots). “I love Arnold, he’s terrific, but to me, it was always Linda’s story, so her coming back is f***ing huge. And I can tell you this: she’s f***ing amazing in the movie. I could not be happier.”

Miller is a total fanboy at heart.

“I’m sure that if I was a fan at home and not directing the sixth installment in the Terminator franchise, I would have been going, Oh my God, f***ing Terminator 6? Let it die, for f***’s sake!'” he laughed. “But I’m directing it and I know the story and I know there’s a reason to tell this story and not the least of which is because Sarah Connor never returned to the franchise in the same way and I wanted to see what happens next.”

Last month, the title was confirmed, or as the Titanic director put it: ““At least, that’s our working title right now.”

Hamilton was featured in the first Dark Fate photo with two new characters played by Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049, The Martian, Halt and Catch Fire) and Natalia Reyes (2091, Cumba Ninja).

Gabriel Luna (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is set to star as the latest version of the titular time-traveling killing machine.

Reyes is billed as Dani, a young woman from a working-class class neighborhood in Mexico City who finds herself in the battle between humans and machines. Reyes’ character is being described as the Sarah Connor of the new trilogy while Luna’s Terminator will presumably follow in Robert Patrick’s footsteps as the villain.

Diego Boneta as the brother of Reyes’ character.

Davis plays a soldier-assassin from the future and yes…there is Arnold, who says the budget that is “somewhere between 160 million and 200 million dollars,” dependent on visual effects which are currently being worked on. However, while the movie isn’t finished yet, he did reveal that he has seen some footage and described it as terrific and exciting: “I’ve seen 15 minutes and it looked great and I was very excited about it.”

Terminator: Dark Fate is set to arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019.


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    […] ‘Terminator Dark Fate’ News: Tim Miller and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss the new film as detail… […]

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