Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

Ten Wrist Watches that Prove ‘Less Is More’

Minimalism is “in.” Downsizing is the mode of the day, “tiny houses” are the wave of many people’s futures, and many of us are becoming more aware of how “stuff” can actually tie us down.  Reacting to that knowledge as well as a desire to live authentically, many people are scaling down their residences, their personal possessions, and their wardrobes — including their watches, jewelry, and accessories — accordingly.

But embracing this “trim” philosophy doesn’t mean you have to do without essentials. Even when you’re looking to “go light,” you can still get maximum value from a minimalist attitude. Here are ten wrist watches that prove the point: though they enable you to skim through your life and activities without a heavy timepiece weighing you down, they still pack a great “punch” for your dollar!

Brathwait Classic Slim Wrist Watch

Brathwait Classic Slim Wrist Watch

  1. Brathwait Classic Slim Wrist Watch

This is truly a classic, and versatile in the bargain. “Sword” hands are streamlined and sleek, while the red second hand stands out for easy visibility. Simplicity is the key to this wristwatch’s great look, in both case and lug design — with the added bonus of easily-interchanged watch band or strap for different looks that go with every outfit. Wearable anywhere, stylish everywhere!

  1. Winston Time Classic in Gold with Brown Leather

This Australian model boasts a timelessly beautiful combination of dark blue dial and gold accents, for a price that won’t singe your wallet. Durable elegance with a leather strap, it goes seamlessly from “formal” to “office” and back again with no fuss.  

  1. TID No.1 36, White with Pine Twain Wristband

Does this watch remind you of a military Seiko? Its vintage looks have that great “throwback” appeal, while its surprising placement of the crown (on the opposite side of where you’d expect) is distinctive, cutting-edge style for weekend warriors of all kinds. If you’re a military watch fan, this comfortable variant is an economical, practical, and eminently readable option.

  1. Custom Casio Watch Sporting “Happy Colors

By contrast with the “military” style above, this Casio is pure whimsy. The maker’s “happy colors” line removes hour markers but adds hand-painted watch hands in primary colors that pop against the ebony-toned face. An ideal choice for a creative soul with great taste but not a limitless pocket!

  1. Instrmnt 01-B

This watch blends artistic design, extremely thin proportions and light weight, and splendid “readability,” all in a prudently priced package. If the notion of a timepiece that’s “simply terrific” is in your future, this watch fits that description with undeniable panache.

  1. Nevo Smartwatch

This Nevo “smart” watch is called that for a reason: its no-frill looks camouflage a host of amenities. Slim and compact, certainly; modular case for light weight, of course. But it can also track sleep patterns, log activity and exercise, and even let you know when you’ve got a notification coming through your phone. All this…and an alarm, too. A “minimalist” watch with all the trimmings!

  1. NOMOS Glashütte Lambda Weißgold

This NOMOS watch isn’t the cheapest timepiece on the block, but it may be the most eye-catching. A blend of Art Deco and minimalist approaches, it can literally go anywhere — with a broad appeal that pleases horological connoisseurs and fashion “mavens” alike. Dignified, spirited, and sleek, it’s a great choice for a man as at home in black tie as he is in blue denim.

  1. Timex Weekender Fairfield

When you get minimalist watch fans together to talk about their favorites, Timex almost always makes the conversation immediately — with both men and women. This unisex watch is reasonably priced, wearable with a wide variety of outfits, and is water resistant to boot. Like the Brathwait, it features an easy-to-change band; with inimitable Timex pragmatism, it also features an Indigo night light for ease of use no matter the hour or ambient conditions.

  1. Void Watches V03B

A blend of military looks and Bauhaus artistry, this Void watch takes a unique approach on its face. Instead of the standard 1 to 12 numerals for the hours, you’ll see it count the hour in five-minute segments. A NATO-style strap also gives you changeable options and comfort with no bulky band or weighty extras.  

  1. The Ora Lattea

If you’ve never heard of Ora Lattea, don’t worry: it’s not a new gourmet beverage! In fact, it’s this minimalist watch with a spirit of artistic playfulness you’re not likely to see in too many of its peers.  Is it easy to tell time at a glance here? Nope — but if you’re into a shade of intrigue in your watch, you’ll love the challenge. Two moving dots are your only time indicators: the larger one tells the hour, the smaller one the minute, both circling the center immovable dot. Spare, totally unmistakable, and pure fun.

The Tip of the Watch-berg

These, while a great sample of the variety of minimalist watches out there, are only a small handful of your possibilities. Look around and you’ll find dozens of well-crafted, excellently appointed timepieces that prove you can take a minimalist approach without either breaking the bank or sacrificing style!

Author: Barrack Diego

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