Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Temp Agency Toronto: Why People Prefer Temp Jobs

According to a job agency Toronto, there is a growing trend among the millennials who are looking for jobs. The permanent positions no longer interest them. The full time, permanent vacancies are never appealing to them anymore.

If you are wondering about what is going on, we are many. Though companies look for temp workers to fill in positions during the peak season, more job seekers are looking for temp positions and work on contract. So what has changed? Many things can be attributed to this drastic change. Temp agency Toronto highlights these factors here.

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  • Great Flexibility.


Today’s job seekers are looking for general labour jobs in Toronto that offer great flexibility. In most cases, this is only possible with temporary jobs as compared to perm jobs. For instance, students who expect to go back to school or people planning for a trip many need to take jobs and work for some hours, weeks or months.

The flexibility enhances their work life and gives them an opportunity to carry out other duties like school, taking care of elderly and little children.


  • They Are Seeking Adventure.


Many candidates like the excitement of trying out different roles. Whether it is weekly or monthly temp jobs offered by temp agency Toronto allow them to switch from one career to another.

It, therefore, enables them to experiment with different roles and choose which they can perform better. They exploit their passions and talents.


  • They Are Looking For More Reward.


This usually applies to those who are looking for engineering or IT jobs which demands highly skilled workers. Even in other specialties, temp work attracts higher wages.

These rewards can be in many forms and not usually monetary. Can be in the form of unpaid vacation days or scheduling flexibility. Depending on the industry, temp work might give you chances to have maximum control of your career.


  • They Want To Have Experience.


Another reason why candidates use temp agency Toronto to get temp work.  It is a common reason for new graduates and those searching for a new career path.

They may not have settled in a particular career path, and a temp job gives them an opportunity to experiment with new skills and work culture.

Those who have graduated recently use the temp roles to learn new skills that are needed in their specialised field.


  • They Want To Fill A Gap.


A candidate can look for general labour jobs Toronto to simply fill a gap in their existing work schedule. They might be in the process of looking for another job or waiting for a contract to start.

In these cases, they want a temp job to pay for their bills. In the same sense, people will search for jobs at specific times of the year to make additional cash.

Author: Edward Win

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