Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

Teeth Grinding Harmful Effects You Want To Know About

Is nighttime teeth grinding a problem for you? Maybe you clench your teeth during days. Every person that has teeth grinding problems has to worry and worry about this condition. Lower and upper teeth need to smoothly glide together. The only time when a connection happens is when food is chewed or when the mouth clenches. If grinding appears, huge problems can appear, leading to serious jaw impairments.


Unnatural grinding damage is something that most people know nothing about. It is one thing that we ignore. Natural teeth grinding is not a problem, especially when angry or anxious. However, if this is repeated, we are faced with what is known as Bruxism. 20% of the people from around the world will grind teeth during days and 8% during night. That means that the condition is more common than what many think.

Who Does Your Teeth highlights that it is nighttime grinding that is damaging. That is because daytime clenching can be controlled to some extent since we are in a conscious state. When faced with night teeth grinding we say that we have sleep Bruxism. When grinding continues, tooth enamel can be severely damaged. At the same time, bone, gums and jaws will be negatively affected.

Teeth Grinding Evolution

Teeth grinding will not appear out of the blue because of some problem. It normally starts early in life, when teeth are in their development phase. Around 15% of children will clench teeth. In 3% of cases the problems are going to remain for the long run.

photo/ Reto Gerber  via pixabay

photo/ Reto Gerber via pixabay


There is a constant rise in the number of people that now suffer from Bruxism. This includes damages like broken fillings, micro-cracks, jaw pain, headaches and even gum recession. Teeth grinding will not always appear during childhood. Reasons that can lead to the appearance of Bruxism and the damages include anxiety, stress, snoring, fatigue, cigarettes or alcohol.


We do not have a specific time-proven cure that we can use when faced with teeth grinding. However, some treatment options are currently available. Everything should start with knowing if you actually suffer from teeth grinding or not. For that there is a special Bruxism evaluation that will be offered. Dentists basically analyze gums and teeth in order to see if there are some trouble signs that are present. Then, based on the lifestyle of the patient, different solutions are offered. As an example, in many cases we have stress reduction through meditation, psychotherapy, orthodontics or even bite plates as solutions that can be offered.

On the whole, the really important thing is to go to the dentist whenever you think that you have teeth grinding problems. You will have to be sure that you are going to get checked out so that other problems like enamel problems can be avoided. Just be sure that you respect all the indications that the dentist offers and you are going to have a pretty good chance that you will end up being “treated” from Bruxism.

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