Published On: Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Ted Cruz bashes Obama administration on Omar Mateen, ISIS, Democrat’s filibuster on gun control

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) lashed out at Senate Democrats on Thursday over a 15-hour filibuster to demand action on gun safety measures instead of focusing on terrorism and fighting jihadists like Omar Mateen. Check out the video below.

“In the wake of the attack, many of us predicted what would unfold,” Cruz said. “And it was sadly the same political tale we have seen over and over again. Many of us predicted that Democrats would as a matter of rigid partisan ideology refuse to even say with the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’”

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

“And that even worse, they would try to use it as an excuse to go after the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens,” he continued. “Yesterday, we saw a political show on the Senate floor. Democrat after Democrat standing for hours incensed not at ISIS, incensed not at radical Islamic terrorism, incensed that Americans have a right to keep and bear arms.”

Cruz accused Connecticut’s Chris Murphy of orchestrating a “political distraction” for partisan “gamesmanship.”

“And I think the American people find it ridiculous,” the Texas Republican sneered. “That in response to an ISIS terror attack the Democrats go on high dungeon that we’ve got to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.”

“You don’t defeat terrorism by taking away our guns,” he added. “You defeat terrorism by using our guns.”

Salon and other liberals were quick to attack Cruz: “…the guy who read “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor as part of a fake filibuster against Obamacare that served no purpose except to drive press attention to Ted Cruz, was upset by a “political show on the Senate floor.”

“…his body should not be engaged in a political circus trying to restrict the Second Amendment. Instead, we should be focusing on the problem at hand. Why did we see yesterday’s series of speeches? Because Senate Democrats have an election coming up in November. And they don’t want to talk about the real issue. Let’s talk about ISIS. Let’s talk about radical Islamic terrorism. Let’s talk about the failures of the last seven years of this Administration to keep this country safe.”

2015 Defending the American Dream Summitt Ohio photo Gage Skidmore

2015 Defending the American Dream Summitt Ohio photo Gage Skidmore

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