Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Technological Integrations That Business Should Not Live Without

Why is technology important in business?

Undoubtedly, our lives have made better with the advancement of technology. Technology has brought comfort and convenience to our everyday life. It is not only important in the field of medicine, education transportation, and communication. Technology has been proven as an integral part of business as well.

Technology is an aid for your business growth. Not only does it help you produce more and better result, it also helps you with achieving quality management system.  Integrating technology into your business strategy will bring you to greater heights.

Below are 5 of the most popular trends in technology that your business should not live without.

photo Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Wireless Conference Rooms

Your conference room is an important space in your office. This is where you gather ideas and create innovative concepts. Some of the most successful marketing strategies are materialized in the conference room.

Gone are the days where you make your presentation with big and chunky wires and cables. Conference rooms nowadays have stepped into the wireless technology. It made sharing and collaboration easier for everyone.

Adopting a wireless solution that connects employees, offices, and clients no matter where they are located is groundbreaking. Presenting and streaming videos across multiple conference rooms are now possible. The collaboration of ideas is easier when you can easily access or take control of a screen.

You can use Chromecast by Google or Airplay by Apple to wirelessly stream video, audio or screens between devices.

Augmented Reality

Though the virtual reality is more well-known, augmented reality is more productive to our everyday lives.

What is the augmented reality?

It’s a tool that enhances the things we feel, see and hear by integrating the elements of the virtual world into our real world. It lies in the middle of the mixed reality spectrum, between the virtual and real world. Have you tried playing Pokémon Go? That’s one of the most popular examples of augmented reality.

If you think augmented reality is only applicable to video games, think again. Many business enterprises have welcomed AR and integrated it into their business strategy.

Here’s how you can use augmented reality for your business:

  • Customer immersion – Improve customer satisfaction by immersing your customers to get to know your brand better. For example, real estate companies can give virtual tours to their clients. Viewing every corner and details of the property without being physically there is impressive and convenient.
  • Advertising – Stand out amongst a sea of competitors with the use of AR on your advertising. Grab the attention of your customers by adding moving sounds or images to your plain advertisement.
  • Employee training – With the use of augmented reality, you can facilitate an in-depth training to your employees. They can go through augmented reality training simulations as many times as they can.

3D Printing

3D printer photo/Martin – mebner1

You must have known 3D printing as a way to quickly create prototypes. As technology evolves, the role of 3D goes way beyond this. It has now altered the production cycles of entrepreneurs.

If you have not embraced 3D printing into your business yet, now should be the right time that you should. 3D printing is on the rise and it is here to stay.

These reasons below should probably convince you why 3D printing is important.

  • It helps the production of high-quality products.
  • It allows timely creation and development of prototypes, saving your company resources and effort.
  • Using 3D printers means using less equipment. Though they take smaller space, the product that they produce is similar if not better.
  • Compared to traditional manufacturing plant, 3D printing equipment uses minimal manpower. You can even operate it remotely.
  • It reduces overhead costs since it requires lesser manpower, occupies lesser space and low-maintenance.
  • It increases productivity and efficiency.

IoT in the Enterprise

Some people may find Internet of Things complicated. Also known as IoT, this technology refers to billions of physical devices that are now connected to the internet. For example, a lightbulb that is powered on by a smartphone app is an IoT device.

Use IoT not just to empower your devices but also to empower your employees. With the help of IoT, manual and time-consuming tasks such as data-entry will become obsolete. IoT is getting bigger and it can do so much for your business.


Another technology that has become widely popular nowadays is wearables. From fitness bands, smart watches, eyewear, smart clothing and more, they seem to attract not just the younger generations.

While you may think these wearables are only used best in fitness, it can also relatively increase the productivity of your business. Integrating them into your business is a smart idea.

Here are just some of the ways that you can use wearables in your business:

  • It helps increase the line of communication and overall productivity of your company.
  • It promotes the safety of the employees. Through wearables, employers and managers can monitor the activity of their employees. They can also prevent accidents in the workplace before it happens.
  • Fitness trackers promote healthier lifestyle both in and out of the workplace.

An effective businessman should have the ability to adapt and evolve with the world around him. Maximize the use of this technology into your business. This will help you stand out from your thousands of competitors.

Author: Richie Hedderman

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