Published On: Sun, Feb 9th, 2020

Taxpayer funded Medicare For All proves Obamacare is a failure

An October Washington Examiner article began with a harsh statement and realization for Barak Obama and his signature health care reform: “Every single Democratic presidential candidate has joined President Trump. They all agree that Obamacare is a failure.”

The Roger Stark article sounds like a talking point from a Ben Shapiro show: “…we should reform the private health insurance industry, not eliminate it. Let’s get rid of government-imposed mandates and allow companies to offer the kind of reasonably-priced insurance products that people want and can use. Allow companies to offer low-cost catastrophic plans on a national basis (as they do with auto and homeowners insurance) with accompanying health savings accounts. Increase the risk pool and make affordable health insurance more attractive to young, healthy individuals.”

The rhetoric from the Democratic candidates has been a major health care shake up, a move to a single government system, coined Medicare For All.

Sanders has admitted on numerous occasions that his Medicare for All plan, which could cost over $60 trillion over the next decade, would result in tax hikes for Americans making $29,000 per year and more.

“Is health care free? No, it is not,” he told late-night host Stephen Colbert in September. “So what we do is exempt the first $29,000 of a person’s income. You make less than $29,000, you pay nothing in taxes.”

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During an appearance on CBS Evening News this month, Sanders confessed that he does not know how much his Medicare for All plan will cost.

“You don’t know. Nobody knows. This is impossible to predict,” Sanders said of the cost of his plan.

“You’re going to propose a plan to the American people, and you’re not going to tell them how much it costs?” host Norah O’Donnell asked.

“Of course I will. Do you know exactly what healthcare costs will be…in the next ten years if we do nothing? It will be a lot more expensive than a Medicare-for-all single-payer system,” he said.

“So when we talk about the chaos in Iowa, the immediate thing you think about is this group of people wanting more government, more control over your lives. And they couldn’t manage a caucus,” said Fox host Tammy Bruce. “This is a party where its major candidates are promoting things like ‘Medicare-for-all,’ which is the complete and utter takeover of your lives.”


How much will doctors, nurses and health care professionals get paid?

There is a fee schedule for Medicare, one that drives prices for all of the private insurance companies. For example, if the Medicare expect price is $20, a private insurance price may be $25, $30 or $40. That profit is what covers the overhead to run a hospital or pay salaries.

With Medicare For All, there will be ONE price…that’s it.

Where will the private insurance employees go?

Millions of people work directly for private insurance companies (e.g. Blue Cross, United, Humana) and many others work directly with them as contractors, agents or affiliate staff (e.g. couriers, techs).

How does Medicare For All include those millions? If it does NOT, where do they go?

What will the impact be to specialists and other caregivers?

Under Medicare For All, it’s hard to imagine the damage to specialists, reduced to a Medicare only fee schedule. For example, would Ben Carson be interested in continuing as a top-notch brain surgeon when his salary just got reduced by the progressive health care reform?

The also changes the rules for nursing home staff, chiropractic services, allergists, those specializing in experimental treatments and testing. This is no minor change and could create a wave of chaos across the medical community.

What will be the conflict with the Constitution and previous Supreme Court rulings?

To move towards a bigger, more robust plan, would also create renewed conflicts with the Supreme Court rulings. Obamacare mandates over abortion, contraception and coverages have been under attack for a decade and the Medicare For All plan would rejuvenate conflict, prompt new lawsuits and place religious institutions in direct opposition to many of the procedures mandated with a single payor system.

Would Advent and Good Samaritan hospitals just concede or shutter their doors?

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