Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2017

Taxotere Hair Loss Details: What You Need To Know

For those that don’t know, Taxotere is a popular form of chemotherapy medication. While this medication is intended to help those going through chemotherapy, it would seem that a very unsettling side effect has been discovered. To be more precise, many women that have been using the medication for 6 months now claim that they have been unable to grow new hair. This condition is called alopecia and it’s a very serious condition considering the fact that most people going through chemotherapy can’t wait until they can have their hair back.

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However, hit with the side effect of permanent alopecia, these women are now filing lawsuits against the Taxotere medication.

More about Taxotere

This medication is popular with women suffering from breast cancer, prostate cancer and even lung cancer at some degrees. The primary benefit that this medication promises is the effectiveness of cancer treatments in less time. So basically you would need less time to get rid of your cancer through your regular treatment by adding Taxotere into the mix.  That sounds like a very enticing thought, so it’s understandable how this medication has become so popular. However, due to the recent Taxotere permanent hair loss cases, it’s doubtful that it will retain its popularity.

So far, some really serious lawsuits have been filed against the drug, and so far, with success. It would seem that judges and the authorities in general agree with the accusers which claim that they have suffered terribly at the hands of this drug in multiple areas. Not only are they now diagnosed with permanent alopecia, but they also claim mental anguish and a series of other painful or traumatic results of this drug side effect.

The alternative

There is also an alternative in the drug called Taxol. This is considered to be a less impactful chemotherapy medication, but at the same time its potency in the long run is not doubted. It would seem that the people affected by Taxotere would have been more than willing to swap for Taxol if they knew it would come to this. So far, there are have been no similar claims against Taxol, which seems to be far from any similarity.

Foul play

It would seem that he people behind Taxotere had knowledge of the side effects of the drug, but even so decided to not act upon it. Of course, from a business perspective it wouldn’t have been very profitable to announce that your drug can cause permanent hair loss.

Another thing that is questionable is the fact that the medication had continued to use the description “superior efficacy”, even thought there were studies which proved that a competing medication was more potent and overall better suited for the same type of usage.

Author: Sheikh Hazaifa

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