Published On: Sun, Jan 12th, 2020

Tattoo Removal Tips By New York Tattoo Removal Experts

If you’re thinking of taking off your tattoo or just want to know about it, there are many things to be learned about the process of tattoo removal. Let’s see some of the tis given by professional which would answer basic tattoo removal questions.

Before getting a tattoo removed, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. 

Choose carefully where to remove Tattoo

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Unites States have advised that it is safer and healthier to consult a dermatologist to remove your tattoo.

Normally, removals are done with FDA approved lasers and the process is overseen by removal professionals.

           You should seek for tattoo removal service from experts. A medical practitioner with proper training and experience should carry out the laser treatment. You should follow up with post-treatment procedures as per the recommendations of the specialist. The Finery has a team of experts in tattoo removal. You will get proper pre and post-treatment care at the facility.

Take supplements to speed up the healing process

According to New York tattoo removal experts you should take supplements to speed up the healing process. The way this supplements work is that it enhances absorption of ink pigment into the bloodstream for easier elimination through the lymphatic system and to speed up the tattoo removal process.

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Don’t underestimate the Aftercare

The same way you had it with your first tattoo, the removal process creates an open wound that needs careful treatment for proper healing and to boycott the incidence of an infection.

At the end of each session, that area is bandaged the same way it is to be done at home by the patient for a week at least or till it heals.

The bandage is changed daily after the area is cleared using a mild soap. Putting a bandage around that part protects the tattoo from the sun and ensures the treated skin heals well.

            Get the aftercare treatment kit from the place where you removed the tattoo. The Finery aftercare treatment kit also includes sunscreen that effectively blocks sun rays which may cause damage to sensitive skin. After tattoo removal, the skin is extremely sensitive. You should use the Sunscreen on a daily basis and as much as possible to avoid outdoors.


Give time to the process

To get a tattoo removed, multiple visits to the removal specialist will always be required. Several sessions may be required in some cases. 

Consult an expert first to examine your tattoo and review your medical history in order to know the number of visits your tattoo removal would require.

Various factors determine how many treatments one gets. Such factors include tattoo age, size, number of colors, etc. 

To remove tattoos with picosecond-wavelength (and this is considered the highest standard), about 7-10 treatments with 6-8 weeks spacing in between are required.

The ability of your body to remove ink from the skin also determines the number of treatments. It differs from person to person.

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