Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2019

Taking Online Security, Encryption to Geek-Levels

It’s impossible to conduct business in the modern era without modern tools, but it’s also impossible to read a newspaper today without encountering stories about privacy concerns and data breaches. With multinational corporations and prominent political parties getting hacked, a normal person who owns a small business may ask themselves: what’s keeping me safe?

The truth is, cyber criminals like smaller targets too, because they’re less likely to invest the same amount of time and money into security that their larger peers do. The largest cyber attacks are the ones that feature in the daily news, but small businesses are an increasingly popular target for hackers using ransomware to hold companies hostage, and steal valuable information relating to passwords and bank accounts.

Read on to see how end-to-end encryption is a necessary tool to keep you safe online.

photo/ Cybercrime center at USF

The Common Communication Tools Are the Most Dangerous

While many people are talking about the increased threat, fewer people are addressing it properly. Overall, there’s still too big a reliance in most companies on easily hacked communication tools, like unencrypted email and SMS messaging.

Perhaps because these forms of communication are by far the most ubiquitous in modern life, they are the most targeted and therefore the least safe. Just like how everybody knows how to drive but few can explain the inner working of a combustion engine, most people don’t actually understand how email works, even if they regularly send and receive emails. 

This lack of knowledge is what helps open up the door for cyber criminals, who need as little as fifteen minutes to access a private email account. Once they’re inside, they can harvest ultra sensitive data such as banking records, tax information, or other passwords.

Basically, once one careless employee allows an experienced cyber criminal to get one foot in the door, it may only be a matter of time before the rest of the entire network is totally compromised. 

Keep Safe, Keep Encrypted

Avoiding virus and hacking attacks is as paramount in this day and age as actually benefitting from the communication technology. The way to get the best of both worlds is to use integrated messaging platforms which allows businesses to manage both internal and external communications through encrypted smartphones. 

The most robust, secure platforms use Elliptical Curve Cryptography and let you see PGP encryption in action also, because both have important roles in the most cutting-edge and secure platforms.

When you’re using such a platform, employees and managers can send chat messages, image messages, and voice messages, and there are also group chat and anonymous group chat tools. Ideally, the most secure platforms should also be designed to be the easiest to use.

With only a few clicks, you’ll be able to generate new keys, manage tamper-proof passwords, and set automatic message deletion times. This is a way for non-experts to get world-class encryption security that only the most knowledgeable privacy geek uses to guard their own communications!

Many people from entry-level employees to the CEO of major companies are still very lax when it comes to their online security — take your encryption levels to new heights, by turning your device into an end-to-end encryption monster.

Author: Anwar Hussain

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