Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

‘Taken 3’ photos feature Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Forest Whitaker

Liam Neeson may have starred in the new action film, A Walk Among the Tombstones, but most movie fans are anxiously awaiting his return as Bryan Mills in Taken 3. Now Neeson, along with co-stars Maggie Grace and Forest Whitaker, are featured in three photos from the new film.

Mills, a former CIA agent, rescued his daughter from Albanian human traffickers in the first film, had to rescue himself from their revenge in the sequel and will have to find a way to save the day again. Taken 3 will no feature another kidnapping, but rather, Mills has been framed for murder.

According to USA Today, Taken 3 will actually be called Tak3n, but we will not change the reporting style on The Dispatch.

“I have to go on the run, I’ll put it that way, from the not-so-lawful types and the lawful authorities.  Bryan Mills served his country faithfully, but now even they are after him. They must not like me,” Neeson says of the new film and circumstances his character, confirming some earlier rumors.

“This time, no more traveling,” says Neeson. “If my daughter was ‘taken’ again on a trip, Bryan Mills would have to be certifiably locked up for bad parenting.”

Whitaker’s character is no ally of Mills, some are reporting “bad guy,” but he’s playing a law enforcement agent named Franck Dotzier. Whitaker tells the paper that he doesn’t get a cool fight scene with Neeson.

“People are attracted to quiet heroes,” says Whitaker in the Sept. 22 article. “Liam’s presence has that. He gives people a sense of comfort and security. And he’s an excellent actor…There’s no big fight between us, which I would have loved.  That will have to wait until Taken 4.”

According to Neeson, there likely won’t be any Taken 4.  “If I feel audiences saying, ‘Come on, he’s 62, enough is enough,’ I’m very sensitive to that and if I pick up that vibe it will all stop. And I’ll start playing dads or grandfathers,” says Neeson. “But I keep myself pretty fit and my knees are still great. And it’s fun.”

“It’s a rollicking good story.  But I think this is the end.”

The film also stars Jonny Weston, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell, Leland Orser and Jon Gries.

Taken 3 arrives in theaters January 9, 2015.

taken-3-image-liam-neeson in action

taken-3-liam-neeson-forest-whitaker photo

taken-3-liam-neeson-maggie-grace photo

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