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By deskofbrian On Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Remembering: Five Pakistan women killed on this day in 2012 for ‘singing and dancing,’ officials deny claims

On this day, in 2012, five women in Kohistan, four of whom were filmed ‘singing and dancing’ with men at a wedding party, were killed on May 30 after a tribal jirga ordered their execution, claimed Muhammad More...

By The Dispatch On Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Open Doors Report highlights persecution against women, Christian sex trafficking, Sharia Law practices

In the latest in-depth report focused on gender persecution, the 2019 Open Doors World Watch List reveals that gender contributes to a large disparity in the methods used for religious persecution. While men experience More...

By Brandon Jones On Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Trump attacks Saudis over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, the ‘worst cover-up ever’

President Trump on Tuesday called the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and its aftermath the “worst cover-up ever,” as new information continues to be revealed about the journalist’s death More...

By Brandon Jones On Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Ahmed Raza freed in Sharoon Masih murder case after beating him to death for drinking water from the same glass

A Muslim high school student in Pakistan is free on bail for the murder of a Christian teen after a botched police investigation. Charges will likely be dropped as the facts are being manipulated by officials. Sharoon More...

By Brandon Jones On Thursday, June 11th, 2015

ISIS converts Mosul church into a mosque for jihadists

The Islamic State is converting one of the largest churches in Mosul into a mosque for their Sunni Muslim followers. This news comes just a year after the city fell to ISIS as notices of the conversion have been More...

By Brandon Jones On Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Farzana Parveen, pregnant Pakistani woman, stoned to death for refusing arranged marriage

A pregnant Pakistani woman was stoned and killed for refusing an arranged marriage, and marrying a man she loved instead. photo Applysense Farzana Parveen, 25, died from head trauma Tuesday after her family, led More...

By Brandon Jones On Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
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New Constitution Tunisia omits Sharia Law, may protect religious minorities

The Arab Spring was three years ago and now, in the wake of the new Egyptian constitution, Tunisia is close to passing a new constitution which excludes Islam as the “main source of law”, but states it is the More...

By Brandon Jones On Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Nasreen Bibi, Pakistan woman, murdered with an axe by husband to teach other wives to obey their spouses

Conflicting details still ended with a horrible and shocking death of a woman who was killed for dishonoring her family. Muneer, age 45, has admitted to his crime of murdering his wife with an axe. Police revealed More...

By Brandon Jones On Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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Pakistan man guns down wife after she filed divorce papers, called an ‘honor killing’

Islam is a religion of peace…that’s what we are told. So, with that said: A recent news paper detailed the shocking murder of a woman by her husband as she filed for divorce. cover of a Quran photo by More...

By Laura Jones On Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Islam study reveals strong support for Sharia Law, a role for religion in politics and honor killings

A Pew Research Center study released Tuesday takes an in-depth look at Islam, including how Muslims around the world view extremism, sharia law and the meeting of religion and politics. The study is a four-year More...

By Brandon Jones On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

UN official, Richard Falk, says Boston got what it deserves, quotes ‘whom evil is done, do evil in return’

UN Human Rights Council expert Richard Falk said in a statment that Bostonians got what they deserved noting that George W. Bush sought a pre-text to invade Iraq and dropped a famous quote which blamed America. The More...

By Brandon Jones On Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Lebanese man murders sister as honor killing for getting pregnant, police later report he raped her

A man has killed his pregnant teenage sister in south Lebanon in what was seen as an honor crime, the murder of a woman accused of shaming her family, but it was later revealed he is the one who got her pregnant. Map More...

By Brandon Jones On Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Muslim cleric encourages Christian woman and girls to be kidnapped or raped, ‘friends of the Zionists’

A Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa threatening Iraqi Christians unless they convert to Islam, but the country’s prime minister urged them to stay. Ahmad Al Hassani Al Baghdadi The details and translations emerged More...

By Laura Jones On Monday, December 10th, 2012

Pakistan family murdered in their sleep as husband violated Islamic law with second wife

Unidentified assailants gunned down five people of a family in Pakistan’s Bakka Khel area of Frontier Region Bannu on Saturday morning, reports the Pakistan Tribune. photo Applysense A Bakka Khel police official More...

By Brandon Jones On Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Sara Ege found guilty of beating son to death for not learning the Koran fast enough

A British mother who beat her 7-year-old son to death after he failed to memorize excerpts from the Koran was found guilty of murder. Sara Ege, age 33, was convicted of beating her son Yaseen to death with a stick More...

By Laura Jones On Monday, November 26th, 2012

Muslim extremists in Somalia behead Christian convert

Al-Shabaab, Islamic extremists in Somalia, took responsibility for murdering a Christian near Barawa, accusing the man of being a spy and leaving Islam. Somalia map – CIA source Farhan Haji Mose, age 25, was More...

By Brandon Jones On Friday, November 2nd, 2012
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Sara Ege, beat and murdered abused son, age 7, for not learning Koran fast enough

Sara Ege, 32, is accused of beating her son Yaseen to death because he was struggling with his Islamic studies, then setting fire to his body Yaseen Ali Ege photo supplied by Wales police A court report revealed More...

By Brandon Jones On Friday, November 2nd, 2012

German Muslim mutilates girlfriend for wanting to leave him

A Muslim man in Berlin, identified only as Omid R. by the Berlin Kurier after mutilating his girlfriend, nearly killing her, for wanting to leave him. First Omid R. tied and gagged his daughter, age 10, before More...

By Brandon Jones On Sunday, September 30th, 2012

New stat: 32 percent of all Pakistani marriages are child marriages

Marriage at an early age is a harsh reality for many young women, with dire repercussions for them, their children and the community. photo Zainub Razvi According to UNICEF, child marriages accounted for 32 per More...

By Brandon Jones On Friday, September 28th, 2012

Indonesian maid cuts girl’s head with an axe, father kills someone in car accident gettting home

An Indonesian housemaid locked the four-year-old daughter of her Saudi employer in her room then used an axe to cut her head off. When the young girl’s mother returned home, realized the crime of the maid, More...



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