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By Brandon Jones On Friday, September 1st, 2017

Channing Tatum, Amazon offer up ‘Comrade Detective’: a disgusting rebranding of Communist Romania for their snowflake audience

After a brief introduction by Channing Tatum and author Jon Ronson, Comrade Detective is presented as dusted off, recently unearthed archival treasure of Cold War propaganda, but was actually created by Brian More...

By deskofbrian On Saturday, November 13th, 2010
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‘Joking Disease’ is No Laughing Matter, may be linked to mental illness

Melissa Dahl writes: Why did the cookie go to the hospital? Because he felt crummy. What did one snowman say to the other snowman? Smells like carrots. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fo’ drizzle. It’s More...

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