Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2015

Taboos About Child-Rearing that Shouldn’t Matter

We live in a day and age when everyone has an opinion about raising children, and everyone feels the need to post about it on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever form of social media is their fancy. However, several opinions surrounding childrearing have prompted certain subject matters to become taboos.

Creating taboos around child-rearing shames parents, and can even make those that are doing a great job parenting feel like they are inadequate. Certain taboos that should no longer be taken seriously or held against parents include:

Time-magazine-Mom-breastfeeding-3-year-oldBreastfeeding in Public

The argument about whether or not a mother should breastfeed is a hot debate. Some individuals feel that it is negligent if a mother chooses to bottle feed her children formula, not acknowledging that not all mothers are able to breast feed, while others find breastfeeding to be an unsightly social taboo. Breastfeeding in public only further complicates the debate between formula feeding and breastfeeding.

Bottle feeding or breast feeding – regardless of what you choose, a mother should be allowed to feed her child and not face criminal charges. If a mother is trying to feed her child, then she should have the right to do so. In any other circumstance, if a mother were to deprive her child or children of food, it would be considered a form of abuse or neglect.

Yes, seeing a mother breastfeeding in public may seem a bit shocking. However, this is simply because it is not something our society is used to seeing on a regular basis. Breastfeeding in public is still becoming a social norm.

Prenatal DNA Testing

Parents have the right to know the health of their child, and they should not be looked down upon for choosing to find out. When a few think of prenatal DNA testing, they assume that the parent isn’t willing to take full responsibility for their pregnancy. However, just the opposite is correct.

Individuals seeking prenatal DNA testing are seeking as much information as possible about their pregnancies. By knowing more about their pregnancies, parents are able to provide their children with all the support and resources they may need in order to be successful. This doesn’t mean that parents who don’t choose to have DNA testing are negligent or bad parents. It simply means they are making a different choice.

Home Births

As home births have begun to rise in popularity, so has the controversy. However, individuals should keep in mind that home births are growing in popularity for a reason – they are giving women back the power in their births. Women who choose to have home births typically experience lower stress levels and more comfortable birthing environments. In fact, many women are choosing home births or birth centers over a hospital birth because they feel that they will be less pressured in to birthing methods, such as being induced or Cesarean section.

We are all allowed our opinions; however, we don’t have to impose them on others or deprive others of having a home birth. Most states won’t allow a woman to have a home birth unless she is healthy enough. Midwives feel the same way, and those that don’t require their clients to go immediately to the hospital have 911 on speed dial in case of emergency. Women have the right to pursue a safe pregnancy in a safe environment, whether that be at home, in a birthing center, or in a hospital.

Ultimately, parents have a variety of choices from which they may choose. Although arguable in terms of preference, none of the aforementioned preferences endangers a child assuming they are done responsibly. We all want happy and healthy pregnancies and infants, and there are a variety of different ways to achieve this desire.


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