Published On: Mon, May 31st, 2021

Surprising and Interesting Facts of Our Solar System

Our Solar System has always been a mysterious and interesting topic. It seems one of the interesting topics to discuss indeed. It comes up with so many layers and mysteries. A solar system is itself a big topic to cover indeed. It comes up with so many layers indeed. Here, we are going to mention the important things about the solar system to give you much-needed in-depth. 

Water on Mars? Doesn’t sound like it. photo/NASA

Talking about Motions of the Earth, it spins following its axis. Earth revolves around the Sun. But do you have any idea how fast we move through space following every scale? Yes, it is true. Profound and decades of research say the same. Planets do not only revolve around the Sun but they rotate on its axis as well. Earth hurtles us following 1700 km/hr while rotating on its axis. 

The solar system includes the Sun as well as its all 8 marvelous planets along with their moons. The solar system will remain incomplete until non-stellar objects are added to it. All planets revolve around the Sun following elliptical orbit. Talking about the estimated size of the Solar system, it is about 105 (AU). If you get to know more about our solar system, you may be surprised by knowing different aspects. Here, we are going to explore more about it. Let us check out more about it in a detailed manner – 

  • First, our solar system is one of the billions. It is unique in its way. Here, it needs to mention that our solar system is all about a star, innumerable bodies such as comets, asteroids, and dwarf planets. It means there are so many things to study when it comes to the solar system.
  • Do you know that our solar system is indeed regarded as being the center of the Milky Way Galaxy? To put it in simple words, we are beings of the galaxy’s four spiral arms indeed. You may understand in a better way when you go through a picture of it.
  • To complete one orbit around the galactic center, our solar system would take almost 230 million years. This factor is enough to leave you stunned. 
  • Do you know how big the is Sun in comparison to Earth? It is almost 109 times bigger holding a weight of 2.192X1027 tons indeed. Talking about the core of the sun, it carries a temperature of 15million degrees celsius. 
  • Have you ever wondered how much time sunlight takes to reach Earth? It is 8 minutes 16.6 seconds indeed. 
  • Do you know how many galaxies there are? It is spiral, irregular, and elliptical. The Milky Way is regarded as a spiral galaxy. Our galaxy looks so beautiful and different. 
  • You may wonder knowing that our solar system is regarded as a region of space. Moreover, it does not come up with any atmosphere. It holds many worlds including earth and so many other atmospheres. 
  • The planets of our solar system and even some asteroids hold several 150 moons in their orbits. These moons do not only enhance the beauty but also the curiosity level of the researchers. 
  • There are a total number of four giant planets and one asteroid, which comes up with rings. However, none can match the beauty of Saturn’s beautiful rings indeed. 
  • You might feel the wonder that our solar system is only one kind of supporting life. Research says that it is only earth that supports life. However, advanced research is going on to figure out if life exists. 
  • The Earth is known for holding a circumference of approximately 40.075km. The Earth is known for rotating following its axis associated with the Sun in on “mean solar day”. 

What About The Modern Solar System – 

Today, we are aware of the fact that the solar system is all about a tiny part of the universe being a whole. Here, it needs to mean that neither Earth nor the Sun is regarded as being the center of the universe. However, it would be better if you go through the heliocentric model in the context of understanding the solar system in an ideal manner. Talking about the new-age view of the solar system, the Sun is regarded as being at the center, following the planet moving in elliptical orbits around the Sun. The planets are known for not emitting their light but instead reflects light to the Sun. The Solar System is indeed an ideally vast topic to understand. You need to go through different aspects to make curiosity satisfied. 

Final Thought – 

Hope the shared information has helped you to understand interesting factors of the solar system. 

Author: Sambit Mohopatra

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