Published On: Wed, Mar 26th, 2014

Surgery Center of Oklahoma director says they accept Bitcoin

Would you like to pay for your arthroscopic surgery on your ankle using Bitcoin?

photo https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Main_Page

photo https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Main_Page

One surgical center in Oklahoma City now accepts the cryptocurrency, and according to the Managing Partner and Medical Director of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Dr. G. Keith Smith, “It’s a simple conversion to dollars. My stance is if they want to pay with pigs or chickens, we can figure out a conversion”, he told Oklahoma City News 9 in an interview last week.

“When they see we are willing to make arrangements on this end to accommodate their pay, it’s a very customer friendly business. That’s the nature of the free market. And me accepting bitcoins is just that,” said Smith.

Dr. Smith explains further on his blog noting:

What underlies my willingness to accept methods of payment other than traditional methods of payment is my concept of exchange itself.  Any exchange deemed to be mutually beneficial naturally tends to occur unless the state intervenes.  This natural tendency for the exchange to occur prevails as both parties in a mutually beneficial exchange see themselves better off subsequent to the exchange and desire its occurrence, otherwise, one or both parties wouldn’t want to exchange their goods or services in the first place.

LISTEN: My interview with Dr. Smith about the  Surgery Center of Oklahoma and free market health care

Smith also says in his post, taking a jab at the Fed:

I work with no vendors who will accept bitcoin payment from me at this time and until I do, the conversion to dollars is the only avenue I have once the first bitcoin deposit is made.  For those who say derisively, “..you never know what the value of the bitcoin is going to be from day to day,” I wonder why they don’t think the worst about the dollar’s value, given its history?  After all, some 95% of the dollar’s value has been stolen since “managed” by the central bankers, so it seems clear regarding what results from the state”regulation” of any currency.

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